Choosing the right tool to make your team more productive is a very critical process. But using the right tool can improve the process and also the final outcome.

Choosing the right tool can make the team more productive. It can strengthen the team by helping remote teams to interact more efficiently. Teams can maintain and archive work history through these tools, which will also help the team members understand from past experiences.

Also, these tools enable the team members to show themselves and connect with each other on a personal level too. This promotes team unity and automatically generates more productivity.

  1. Huddle

A great document collaboration tool, which includes top-notch security that makes it a famous choice for teams who also want to collaborate, work and manage on projects with external clients.

Key features

  • Built-in workflow and tracking
  • Create client portals
  • Co-edit, share and manage work in a cloud-based workspaces
  1. Wrike

One of the most liked collaboration tools. It guides the team to be across the hall and also across the world, to perform their best. It enhances interaction. Transparency and accountability in all the workflows to attain quicker results. It is one of the most powerful and like collaboration tool used to make teams more productive for business.

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Efficient project planning
  • Live news feed
  • Activity stream
  1. Quickscrum

An extremely famous PM tool that is available in the market. Quickscrum integrates team communication with PM to guide the team to collaborate their tasks from small to big projects and recurring tasks.

  • Live team progress tracking
  • Customize track with sections and columns
  • Easy to add attachments to any conversation
  1. Scoro

A simple yet comprehensive tool that banishes the team’s collaboration issues. This tool can be customized to fit the needed workflow. It helps to manage the complete business by just integrating your existing tools.

  • Manage team access to joint work
  • Share files
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Real-time dashboards
  1. Jira

A tool that is loaded with user guides to define, assign and set work priorities. It enables the users to manage app development, making sure that everything will be included from idea generation to launch. It has a very basic interface that enables effective team collaboration and enables to get the work done in the best possible way.

  • Includes Project estimating feature
  • Flexible Kanban boards
  • Shows both Scrum and Kanban team reports
  • Backlog grooming
  1. Igloo

An easy to use collaboration tool that helps teams to have an easy and seamless interface by offering all easier details access to all who need it. This tool also acts as a digital destination to bring people, details, and conversation closer to speed up the team productivity.

This tool uses existing solutions and 3rd party apps easily and offers easy information access to the team, in the context of the task.

  • The selective app can be enabled like forums, discussions, etc.
  • Activity streams to help team members to stay up to date
  • Can create private as well as private group spaces
  1. Podio

A brilliant collaborative tool that includes all aspects of PM and collaboration from building a project, to sales management and team communications, and also alters accordingly the way teams work. This tool helps users to get the job done with ease and connects all projects in one place.

  • Easy project management
  • Easy to customize CRM
  • Organizes the teams
  • Automated workflow
  • Easy to collaborate across countries.
  1. Yammer

Works like an enterprise social networking tool with a decent feature to enhance business-wide communication.

This tool allows users to form groups and offers integrated workspace to the PM teams.

  • Group feature offers flexible workspace for files, updates and more.
  • Instant messaging
  • Personalized search results
  1. Hipchat

An instant messaging and online web-based chat tool. It offers one – on – one and a group chat service. The tools are easy to use and works perfectly on all systems and OS.

It can also be used on smartphones and tablets. The tools are featured with excellent options like video calling, screen sharing, etc.

  • Chat rooms
  • History retention
  • Unlimited storage
  • One – on – one messaging
  1. Slack

A widely used IM tool which also works as a comprehensive collaboration system. It is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that offers all the services to meet the needs.

  • Offers private channels
  • File sharing and information searching
  • Includes preference feature that enables users to personalize slack based on their solution needs.
  1. Zenkit

A perfect tool to control various tasks and preferences. It has been built keeping various users and their needs in mind. It has major user liked – tools to stay them connected to the others from the beginning.

You will be fully connected with this tool, be it tasks, client data, invoices, bugs, etc. it is a comprehensive and very powerful tool.

  • Granular level customization
  • Includes list feature
  • Mobility features
  • Excellent security
  • Table view provides sorting, filtering, and customizing fields.
  1. Tallium

A business community platform made by Tallfox. It helps users to create their business knowledge community to improve unique idea and problem-solving. It strengthens the bond between stakeholders and clients. The tool is very easy to use.

  • Configurable
  • Multiple vocabularies
  • User -friendly