The World wide web has been around for a while now. With time, things like social media marketing and search engine optimization developed. Companies started having their own content developing departments and kept a separate budget for social media marketing. All with the hope to reach the 56.1% of the world population that has internet access.

There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 366 million (9 percent) versus January 2018. Reaching and contacting that many people via a single blog post or a social media picture was considered a miracle just a few years back. And now it’s all real and it’s happening.

So, to help you increase your reach, attract more value and sales, these are a few tips to help you make your content more attractive and interesting:

1) Don’t lose focus

Contents are written for a particular purpose and to cater to a particular segment of the online market. It can be to promote a particular product, to talk about a particular service or to give a review. As a content writer or developer, find what you have to write, look for references and add your own opinion about it. Specialize in your genre and read about designing (Design and content are best friends!). Do a thorough research, create a good focus and the flow would come naturally to you. Factual error is not an error, it’s a blunder… so be careful about it.

2) Avoid grammatical errors

Proofreading is the best way to make your posts or data error free. With the majority of readers and social media account holders being a part of the Millennial generation, they lose interest with the slightest of errors. Grammatical and punctuation errors is not only easily comprehended but can also be easily avoided. The mantra behind it is read, read and keep reading until you are satisfied with your creation. However, if you are at the start of your marketing journey, you can also have a fellow team member or just a friend to proofread it for you.

3) Figure out the structure

As per many experienced writers and social media influencers, structure plays a major role in the creation of content. Keep it short and simple, use 10 words per sentence on an average and use a subheading for each section of your blog post. Paragraphs not only help with better spacing but also allow better search engine optimization.

4) Using Visuals

Using visuals not only save you from the hassle of proofreading or structuring, but it also allows you to transfer your message in just a few seconds. You can use Canva, which is a simple free tool available to develop visuals which can develop things like banners, infographics or creative graphics.

5) Avoid repetition

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose track while writing or working on a lot of articles. You might be writing about a product and looking to post a picture of the same. In these cases, avoid using the same information in both places. Remember, interested customers, don’t like wasting their time in knowing what they already know. Try to be the first one to talk about the latest news, viewers love knowing new things and if you are the conversation starter, well the ball is in your court then!

6) Maintain a tone

Your purpose should also be clear with the tone you use in your content. If you use an aggressive tone for your Instagram post for a product but shift to a regressive one when it comes to Facebook, this portrays a confusing image and creates doubts in the minds of viewers. Moreover, try to be a better storyteller, add humor only if you are good at it and don’t try to sound over smart. Keep these in mind to ensure clarity and thoughtfulness in your content.

Use the above tips to make your content engaging and classy. Remember, Customer engagement is the primary goal for content marketing.

The best example would be Netflix. They add humor, short sentences and creative images to pass on the message easily. Instagram itself is the best brand on Instagram. They share the best quality pictures, sound relaxed and never forget their goals. You just have to do the same.