Low-code app development platforms are also known as rapid-app development platforms. These tools are extensively popular among beginners as they offer different tools to build apps easily and efficiently. These platforms are specifically built to cater to the people who have no or a very little coding experience.

The entire process of app building is quite complex and tedious. But these low-code app development platforms simplify and streamline the entire process for mobile app designers. There is no need for the app designers dive deep into technicalities instead they can build mobile apps efficiently with minimal coding.

Advantages Of  App Development Platforms:

The environment of low-code app development platforms is especially built-in drag-and-drop style and offer some unique advantages which are as follows:

  • Specific Visual Development Tools

This is one of the most common features of all low-code app development platforms which allow users to visualize the code modules and get them linked instantly.

  • Security & Scalability

The mobile apps built with these platforms are highly scalable. You can scale them up easily in the future in accordance with the changing market scenarios and requirements. Also, there is no need for the app designers to develop the app from scratch. In addition, these platforms provide a secure environment for app development.

Low-Code App Development Platforms

The following platforms are some of the best low-code application development platforms:

Microsoft PowerApps

This tool has a point-and-click approach to app designing and consists of different templates that allow you to build apps quickly. Microsoft PowerApps has an intuitive visual app designer and allows its users to efficiently create, manage, and share business applications on Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

In addition, this tool works on a drag-and-drop functionality and is an ideal alternative for beginners who have no coding expertise. Also, this tool seamlessly integrates with Power BI, Dynamic 365, and Office 365 and facilitates smooth development of apps. The users can also extend app capabilities with the help of Azure functions or by using custom connectors to connect legacy systems.


This tool has the potential to churn out powerful and feature-rich business apps quickly. Appian provides its users with a software development combining intelligent automation, which makes the entire app development process much easier for the users.

This tool is an ideal option for getting apps to market 20x faster with fewer resources available. It is well-known for enhancing the customer experience and attaining operational excellence. Also, it divides the entire app development process into the creation and personalization.

Appian comes with a built-in collaboration and task management features that facilitate smooth development of exceptional native apps. It has a decision engine that can be used for modelling the complex logic and simplifying the entire app development process.


This platform facilitates smooth integration of apps with existing systems. With the help of Outsystems, you can visually build your entire mobile app and add custom front-end or back-end code as and when required.

In addition, it is an ideal platform for building and deploying full-stack apps really quick with just one click. Also, it’s extensively used for delivering feature-rich, responsive web apps and rich native mobile experiences.

Outsystems offers different security features for ensuring safe app development and design phases. Also, you can easily deploy apps across cloud and other on-premises environments. It is fully loaded with real-time performance dashboards that help is delivering apps that offer a flawless user experience.

Salesforce App Cloud

This tool is popular for seamless building and deploying apps that are highly scalable and secure. Also, there is no need for the programmers to worry about application stacks. Salesforce App Cloud consists of unique tools and services that are required to automate the business needs.

In addition, this tool provides the users with responsive layouts for building superb apps that can be easily integrated with other systems. It makes it easier for the developers to deploy, run, and manage apps built in languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, etc.

Salesforce App Cloud is the best AppExchange marketplace of pre-built apps and components. Also, it offers several reusable objects and best app design capabilities. This platform allows users to deploy their code via git that is capable enough to automatically build and run the apps.


This tool collaborates in real-time and lets users with no coding experience build apps efficiently. Also, Mendix offers different visual development tools that are fully loaded with reusable components to speed up the entire app development process.

Mendix allows users to create excellent user interfaces and facilitates the development of context-aware apps that have pre-built connectors for the Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Internet of Things, Cognitive Services, etc.

In addition, this tool encourages users to develop experiences with offline functionality and native mobile features. Also, you have to build once and can run apps smoothly across multiple platforms. Mendix is also well-known for providing live chat support and efficient app analytics.

Quick Base

This platform provides the users with all the essential tools that are required to gather, track, and analyze information easily and efficiently. Quick Base is an ideal platform for beginners with no coding experience. Also, it is well-known for automating and improving complex business processes.

In addition, this platform provides the users with an opportunity to leverage, managing projects, documents, service requests, supply chain, etc. Also, it helps to eliminate the tedious and time-consuming manual processes of app development.

Quick Base is famous for facilitating rapid, wizard-based app building. It has different tutorials for guiding the beginners on how to use the tool efficiently. Also, it has a form-based interface for automating the entire workflow. Quick Base is considered to be a robust pre-built app marketplace with seamless third-party integrations.

Zoho Creator

This tool comes with an intuitive, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface which is ideal for building forms and dashboards. The scripting language of Zoho Creator, Deluge makes it easier for the users to add sophisticated business workflows.

In addition, this tool lets you customize separate gestures, actions, and layouts for mobiles and tablets. It’s easy to integrate these apps with other apps built in Zoho. Also, it offers an extensive collection of pre-built templates and fields. Zoho Creator supports bar-code scanning and has the unique feature of built-in auto translation.


All these low-code app development platforms are suitable for enterprises who want to develop their in-house app for fulfilling specific business requirements. Also, these platforms are user-friendly and let non-technical users build apps with excellent user interfaces and exceptional experiences.