Cyber Criminals vs. Ethical Hackers: What’s the Difference (and Why Does it Matter)?

Companies are under threat from cyber criminals. As noted by the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 52 percent of more than 43,000 reported security incidents and data breaches involved hacking, and 66 percent were conducted by outsiders. And it doesn’t

digital marketing tools

Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts with these 5 Monitoring & Analysis Tools

Since social media has taken the whole world by storm, it has become incredibly necessary for businesses, especially startups to analyze what their competitors are doing online in order to get ahead of them on various social media platforms. If

team work

How to Assemble a Successful Team for Your Business

Powerful teams drive the success of their companies. Proper team structure and optimization depend on a plethora of factors. What manager style a manager incorporates in a company’s culture, how decisions are made, how much the teams are diversified; all

salesforce career

Why should you make Salesforce a Career Choice?

Salesforce has been growing in scale every passing day ever since it was launched. The growth and introduction of newer technologies have also led to an increase in opportunities which lie with cloud computing professionals. With already over 150,000 Salesforce

Why Marketers Need To Get Identity Resolution Right?

Marketers need to be well aware of a lot of factors while marketing their products and services. One such important factor is identifying their customers correctly and precisely. This identity resolution generally consists of graphs and patterns that denote the

slower web traffic

10 Possible Reasons behind Slower Website Traffic

SEO contains a very dynamic environment. Websites are always getting affected by the Google algorithm changes. One has to constantly keep themselves up to date with relevant news of the industry built upon the world of search engines. The organic

unique content tips

6 tips to make your content unique and more attractive

The World wide web has been around for a while now. With time, things like social media marketing and search engine optimization developed. Companies started having their own content developing departments and kept a separate budget for social media marketing.

role of education

Role of education and its importance in building a character

Education is a way that improves our lives and pushes us to be better. It gives us an understanding of the world around us and offers opportunities allowing us to use our experiences and knowledge to gain respect and lead

Data Scientist! What does he actually do?

Data Scientists are known as data wranglers. They take a gigantic mass of untidy data focuses (unstructured and organized) and utilize their considerable aptitudes in math, measurements and programming to clean, oversee and sort out them. At that point they

Here’s Why You Need to Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant

Lucas, a CEO by profession and a public speaker by passion feels that hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant is one of his best business decisions till date. He is a big advocate of using Virtual PA and cannot do without

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