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salesforce career

Why should you make Salesforce a Career Choice?

Salesforce has been growing in scale every passing day ever since it was launched. The growth and introduction of newer technologies have also led to an increase in opportunities which lie with cloud computing professionals. With already over 150,000 Salesforce

e marketing and digital marketing

E-Marketing and Digital Marketing! Which is Better in 2019?

E-marketing and Digital marketing are generally thought as the same concepts which denote how businesses handle their online presence in terms of advertising and marketing. In fact, e-marketing is considered as a sub-part of the broader term digital marketing which

intersystems iris data

InterSystems IRIS Data Platforms and Performance

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform is a hybrid value-based/logical handling (HTAP) database stage. It conveys the execution of an in-memory database with the dependability and implicit toughness of a conventional operational database. InterSystems IRIS has been advanced to simultaneously accommodate both