Whether you are running an application which shares pictures to a large community of mobile users or supporting a crucial operation of your enterprise, a cloud services platform enables quick access to flexible and cheaper IT resources.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of database storage, computer power, applications, and various IT resources across a cloud service platform through the internet with pay-on-the-go pricing.

Differentiating Cloud solutions by application:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a whole set of services and solutions to run scalable and sophisticated applications to generate better business outcomes. Running your applications with the help of AWS cloud can help you operate more securely, move faster, and reduce costs; all while benefiting from the scale, agility and performance of the cloud.

Below are the various applications supported by cloud platform:

Archiving Data

Amazon Web Services provides an entire package of cloud storage services for the purpose of archiving. You have a choice of selecting Amazon Glacier as a cost efficient, non-time sensitive cloud storage, or Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for rapid storage, With the help of AWS Storage Gateway and their solution provider ecosystem, you can build a comprehensive, storage solution.

Backup and Data security

The increase of huge amounts of data world wide has made handling backups more complex than earlier. With traditional methods like secondary sites and tape libraries left behind, many organizations are moving their backup targets to the cloud. Whilst the cloud offers benefits such as better scalability, creating cloud-enabled cache requires careful consideration of  recovery objectives, existing it investments and available resources.

AWS has the answer for all these problems, it offers data transfer methods, storage services, and networking options to create solutions that secure your data.

Business Applications

Enterprises need crucial business applications like SAP, Microsoft and Oracle are constantly running 24/7. Although, enterprises today are creating business applications in the cloud, in-order to increase revenue. Every company is looking to run their apps in the cloud to deploy more quickly, simplify infrastructure management and reduce cost. Aws is the perfect solution to run your software in the cloud.


Containers enable a traditional way to bundle your application’s code, dependencies and configurations into a single object. An operating system is shared by containers installed on the server and run as single resource process, ensuring reliable, quick, and consistent deployments, despite of environment. The AWS cloud provides optimized

infrastructure resources for running containers, with a set of orchestration services which make building and running easy for containerized apps in production.

Content Delivery

Amazon CloudFront is a fast content delivery network service that securely delivers data, video, applications, and APIs to customers worldwide with low latency all in a developer friendly environment. CloudFront is integrated with AWS – the two physical locations which are directly connected to the AWS international infrastructure, along with other amazon web services.

CloudFront works seamlessly with providers including the AWS Shield for Amazon S3, DDoS attenuation, Elastic Load Balancing or Amazon EC2 as sources for your applications, and [email protected] to run custom code closer to clients users and also to customize the user experience. AWS provides an integrated package of solutions which provide everything required to rapidly and easy to create and manage data lake for analytics.

Data Lakes and Analytics

Data Lakes powered by AWS can take care of the scale, agility, and flexibility needed to combine various types of analytics and data approaches to gain a deeper understanding, in a sense that traditional data silos and data warehouses can not. AWS gives consumers the broadest collection of analytics and machine learning solutions, for easy access to all pertinent data, without compromising on safety or governance. AWS offers a portfolio of fully managed, higher cost, and performance effective databases that may help.

With AWS Database Migration Service, you can migrate your databases and data warehouses to AWS with no downtime. Get Support from migrations pros from AWS Partner Network, AWS Professional Services, and manage the migration acceleration program to speedup your database migrations into AWS.

High Performance

High Performance Computing allows engineers and scientists to resolve complex, compute intensive problems. HPC applications frequently requires high network performance, fast storage, considerable amount of memory, very high capabilities, or all these. AWS allows you to increase the rate of research and decrease time-to results by running HPC from cloud and scaling to a larger number of tasks than will be sensible in most on assumptions environments.

AWS can help to keep costs down by supplying CPU, Graphics processing unit, and FPGA servers on demand, optimized for certain applications, and without the need for large capital investments.


AWS offers a set of flexible solutions designed to allow businesses to rapidly and reliably assemble and deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices. These solutions simplify provisioning and handling infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release procedures, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance.

DevOps is the combination of philosophies, practices, and tools which increases an organization’s capability to provide applications and solutions at velocity: evolving and improving products quicker than organizations employing traditional applications development and infrastructure management procedures. This rate allows organizations to better serve their clients and compete efficiently in the market.