About GIFS

The (Graphic Interchange Format) GIFs have rapidly become a popular media file in the present market to convey the message in every sense. We cannot deny that the GIF has taken a graceful start from Tumblr in the rest of the digital industry. It is a beautiful way to express our feelings in a few seconds.

It hardly matters how to pronounce it but its impact is unmatched. Through GIFs, one can share expressive reactions in emails, texts, and messages also. Another reason GIFs have become very popular because it takes less time to view than a video and it is more appealing than a photo. It is the blend of the message with different emotions.

Representation of a GIF | Source: GIPHY 

Use of GIF in industry

GIFs have the ability to express everything from emotion to wide spanned marketing ideas. They are eye catchy that attracts the visitor and complete the unspoken words of the content. It is possibly used in browsing a website or some blog to catch the eyes of the clients. It is used as the fun breaker in the pages to maintain the flow of the readers when there are lots of content used.

Nowadays it is not only used to express emotions when incorporated with emojis but also to represent brand your company, service or products. Ahead of that, it is also used to distribute the message of the specific brand.

If you want to create your own animated GIF images there are some new free apps to help you make your own interesting GIFs.

GIF Maker

GIF Maker’s allows you to use about 10 and 50 photos to create a GIF. Using it you can record an event before converting the video into an animated GIF. It is the best App to convert your content into an animated GIF. You can use this by utilizing the front and back cameras which results in the ultimate creation of GIFs.

GIF Creator

This GIF creating tool offers to capture frames that get integrated into your camera. It also provides easy sharing of your GIFs creations from within the app. Apart from that you can easily add text and make adjustments to its color/font. With emoticons, you can create GIF more stylish and surprising. You can add a punch to your content by conveying your point more intensely.

GIF Toaster

This gif creating App is used to convert photos, videos, burst photos, and live photos into GIF. An option is also available for saving your GIFs as an MP4 file. Apart from that, it offers choices to convert and adjust some hit convert from online App. Comparatively, it is simpler and one of the most stylish of GIF creation tools. Users find it easy and quick when you want to get something done speedily.


Gifx offers a great option where you can adjust the dullness, and size of the photo added in the creation of the GIFs. It is one of the best GIFs creating App when it comes to customizing your GFI creations.

The best part of this GIFs is that you can mask out specific areas of one GIF to highlight another. There are over 200 different effects available in the App. Various layers that can be added to create quite stylish GIFs.


As the name suggests 5SecondsApp for all GIFs users. You can find GIFs already created that takes seconds to reuse that saves your time and effort. Apart from that, it offers choices for creating your own, as well as finding others GIFs that suits your theme.

Like other GIFs creators, you can easily create your own from videos and photos. Options such as controls for speed, add the text/stickers and rearranging frames along with filters to the creations makes it different from others.

Bottom Line

GIFs makes a great branding statement to the businesses these days. When it comes about GIFs there are ample resources available online to assist you to create GIFs for your theme of the content. The most important part of GIFs is the light weighted size. Therefore, it is much easier to transfer GIF images between two ends. GIFs have become a part of the entertainment which represents a collection of memorable moments with animation style media files. If you want to develop the same kind of apps, then you can hire dedicated mobile app developers team.