The key skill to adopt in today’s era is to have knowledge in writing a computer program. Today, computers have spread to almost every industry. It can be a digital speedometer in your bike or an autopilot in an aircraft, computers in many forms surround us. Computers are highly important for any organization to develop. The days are gone when everyone used paper and pen. Today, in order to preserve and access your data, you definitely need computers.

Programmers always look for faster and smarter programming with very few bugs.  Creators are developing latest set of programming languages to grasp the attention of the programmers. The future of coding needs good practices and stability so our innovations properly work without any issues. In fact, our projects and developments are much bigger than ever, we require more innovation than that in the past.

The community of programmers and developers are emerging at a faster pace than ever before. There are other upcoming programming languages that are appropriate for various category of developers as well as for many use cases.

The following are the best programming languages to learn in 2019:


Python is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used programming languages since many decades. It is fast, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy coding platform that is used to develop scalable web applications. It has a larger developer community and provides an excellent support for libraries. There are many jobs available for python and a lot of startups are using this language as their back-end stack.

Download the latest version of python here: Python 3.7.1 for windows.


Java is a highly recommended by large organizations and it has remained the same since decades. It is broadly used across many platforms for building enterprise-scale web applications. It is highly stable, as the reason many enterprises have adopted it. If you are looking for employment at a large organization, you need to be proficient in Java.

Java is perfect platform for developing android applications. Almost all the businesses require android applications as the android users are increasing rapidly. This constitutes for the  increase in opportunities for android developers worldwide.

Download the latest version of Java here: Version 8


The initial stages of basic programming started with the emergence of C/C++. Almost every low-level such as the file system. Operating system, etc are written in C/C++. If are interested in pursuing career as a system level programmer, then learning C/C++ is a better choice.

Download the latest version of C/C++ here: Netbeans IDE


This is a popular front-end programming language used in designing interactive front-end applications. For instance, when a button is clicked which opens up a popup, this logic is implemented via JavaScript.

Many organizations these days are using NodeJS which is a JavaScript based web development framework. If you are in search of a cool tech job at your favourite startup, you should start practicing JavaScript.

Practice JavaScript here: JavaScript Studio

R programming

R is commonly used programming language by statisticians and data miners for data analysis and developing statistical software. It is popularly used by data scientists, it provides excellent framework and in-built libraries for developing powerful machine learning algorithms. R programming has been well adopted by enterprises, so whoever wish to get employed in analytics team of a large organization need to learn R.

Download the latest version of R here: download R 3.5.1


Swift is a popular programming language for IOS platforms to develop applications. iOS devices are extensively popular these days. iphone , for example, has shown attention to a significant market share and is giving a strong competition to Android devices. Hence, those who are enthusiastic in serving this community can start learning swift programming.

Download the latest version of Swift here: Swift 4


Hypertext Preprocessor(PHP) is a widely used backend programming language. Although PHP is having a tough competition with JavaScript and Python, there is a huge requirement for PHP developers in the market. Those who are interested in joining a reasonably well old organization should start adopting the language.

Download the latest version of PHP here: PHP 7.3.0


In the past, MATLAB was the core language for dedicated scientists and mathematicians who used to juggle complex systems of equations and find solutions. Matlab can be used for intensive mathematical computations and moderate data processing. Matlab is easier to learn to program than other mathematical software like Mathematica. It is also easier to debug Matlab code than with other tools.

Download the latest version of Matlab here: Matlab r2018b


It becomes difficult to choose which programming language is better to learn. There are many programming languages available in the industry, but choosing the best is based upon the demand it has in the organization. The above mentioned programming languages are popularly used at many organizations and provide better career opportunities.