Everyone is familiar with the word automation, and we have experienced the impact of automation through our professional lives over the previous years. Today, there are many companies demanding the profession of Robotic process automation(RPA) as automation is helping various industries to increase the productivity of their workers.

About RPA and its Growth

RPA is a simple software tool that imitates human actions, Whereas artificial intelligence is the replica of human brain which uses computer programs(Algorithms) to make decisions. RPA is associated with performing actions whereas Machine Learning and AI are concerned with learning and thinking, respectively. Various industries like telecommunications, healthcare and manufacturing have everything invested in RPA. This reason makes the RPA domain highly influential with a projected market price of over $3 billion by the year 2025.


Top 6 RPA courses and certifications

RPA is a rapidly evolving technology which is helpful in streamlining various tasks in an enterprise. As the requirement for RPA in companies is increasing, the people who are interested in learning RPA also increase simultaneously. To satisfy the learning needs of these individuals, there are many online courses and certification programs available online. Here are the top 10 websites which provide live classes to the students on Robotic Process Automation.

The RPA Academy offers online and self-paced courses for RPA enthusiasts. As the websites states the RPA academy was founded by Edward Brooks with an objective to simplify the training method for this new economy. It also provides training on various RPA tools like: Automation anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath.

Link to the course here:

Mindmajix provides instructor-led live online course on RPA, this enables students to master the basics of the rpa tool and helps them in getting employed in the RPA domain. They also offer self-paced learning which helps the students in gaining knowledge by watching the videos taught by experts.

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Automation academy is a free RPA solution created by WorkFusion, It has a digital training academy and a vibrant community of developers. Their courses are designed in such a way that it suits the skills and needs of an individual.

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Udemy is video based learning platform, it provides students with self-paced videos to learn and enhance their skills. The lessons are taught by experts in the respective domain. The course will give you a basic introduction to RPA, the duration of this course is two hours and is available for lifetime access.

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UiPath academy offers online training program which is created by themselves and offers hands-on experience on the UiPath software. This is a self-led course which is free of cost, it is beneficial for various categories of audience like Program Managers, solution architects, Technical leads etc. It also has a team of RPA experts who will help you in getting started with your basic RPA project.

Link to the course here:

Simplilearn provides an introductory course on RPA which can be learned through online classes. You will get to learn the basic methodologies, key RPA tools and workflows utilized in intelligent automation. They also provide case studies and help you with various steps for implementing RPA in an enterprise.

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RPA Learning Resources

UiPath provides free learning resources like: videos, a forum with RPA experts spread all over.