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Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts with these 5 Monitoring & Analysis Tools

Since social media has taken the whole world by storm, it has become incredibly necessary for businesses, especially startups to analyze what their competitors are doing online in order to get ahead of them on various social media platforms. If

Why Marketers Need To Get Identity Resolution Right?

Marketers need to be well aware of a lot of factors while marketing their products and services. One such important factor is identifying their customers correctly and precisely. This identity resolution generally consists of graphs and patterns that denote the

slower web traffic

10 Possible Reasons behind Slower Website Traffic

SEO contains a very dynamic environment. Websites are always getting affected by the Google algorithm changes. One has to constantly keep themselves up to date with relevant news of the industry built upon the world of search engines. The organic

unique content tips

6 tips to make your content unique and more attractive

The World wide web has been around for a while now. With time, things like social media marketing and search engine optimization developed. Companies started having their own content developing departments and kept a separate budget for social media marketing.

ecommerce strategies

Top 5 E-Commerce Strategies for Higher Revenue

The Advent of E-Commerce in the Online Community From kick-starting a campaign to laying out the foundation of a brand new e-commerce store – social media has proven its worth back and forth by launching and experimenting with marketing strategies

marketing for better online sales

Here’s How to Use Marketing for Better Online Sales

When it comes to online sales, there are numerous ways you can go about increasing it. But one of the most effective ways of making this possible is by using marketing to your advantage. Of course, determining what marketing strategy

e marketing and digital marketing

E-Marketing and Digital Marketing! Which is Better in 2019?

E-marketing and Digital marketing are generally thought as the same concepts which denote how businesses handle their online presence in terms of advertising and marketing. In fact, e-marketing is considered as a sub-part of the broader term digital marketing which

Google’s Featured Snippets: How to Get More Traffic From Search Engines?

Google’s Featured Snippets is perhaps the first thing that a person sees if your website ranks top on the first page of Google. Its popularity is increasing with each passing day as it helps Internet users to quickly receive a

digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

While marketing is concerned, there are many ways to commence a campaign. The aim is to reach more, sell more and mint more ($$). And for making that happen, marketers around the world are always trying something or the other.

gif maker apps

GIF maker Apps for Android and iOS Platforms

About GIFS The (Graphic Interchange Format) GIFs have rapidly become a popular media file in the present market to convey the message in every sense. We cannot deny that the GIF has taken a graceful start from Tumblr in the

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