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Business analytics career

8 High Paying Jobs You Can Get After Pursuing a Degree in Analytics

Starting a career sounds easier than it actually is. You might already be surrounded by numerous souls who you believe are on the right track. Some of them give you a sense of envy, while some give you inspiration. But

best rpa courses

Best RPA courses, certifications and learning resources

Introduction Everyone is familiar with the word automation, and we have experienced the impact of automation through our professional lives over the previous years. Today, there are many companies demanding the profession of Robotic process automation(RPA) as automation is helping

best programming languages

8 Best Programming Languages to Master in 2019

Introduction The key skill to adopt in today’s era is to have knowledge in writing a computer program. Today, computers have spread to almost every industry. It can be a digital speedometer in your bike or an autopilot in an

MBA for Startup Business

How an MBA degree provokes the Startup Business?

In today’s competitive world, even that talented entrepreneur can still find it hard to succeed without adequate understanding of business and management. While many would be entrepreneurs tend to think that they only need to have a brilliant plan to

artificial neural network

How does Artificial Neural Network Work?

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks We welcome you to the world of neural networks where you are going to learn them in and out. If you are a deep learning rookie, this post will inspire you to get started in

neural networks

What are Neural Networks and why do they matter in Deep Learning?

Introduction to Neural Networks With this post, I welcome you to the world of neural networks where you are going to learn them in and out. If you are a deep learning rookie, this post will inspire you to get

deep learning

Important Deep Learning Algorithms

Before going to study about the deep learning algorithms, let’s understand what deep learning is all about. We will start with the definition of machine learning first, machine learning is described as a kind of artificial intelligence where computers learn

devops career path

DevOps career path for non technical people

Today every company is a software company, software applications including mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for all businesses. The fact is that, if your applications fail to be productive so does your company. There is no pressure, but your

qa engineer career

How to become a successful Quality Assurance Engineer?

For every IT or software project, quality is one of the essential requirements. Though you can enter through a number of ways into this profession, here are a few reasons why people like to enter in the field. They have


Getting started with PostgreSQL 9.6

PostgreSQL is a powerful, feature-rich, open source database management system with an active development. It’s a complex piece of software, it has earned a strong user base for reliability, performance and robustness.   Introduction to PostgreSQL 9.6 PostgreSQL is an

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