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IoT for Industries

How IoT Is Disrupting the Major Industries

Internet of Things (IoT) is shifting the current scenario of the industry to the advanced level. The solution offered by this technology is a combination of different advanced technologies. When it comes to describing IoT there is no specific definition,

digital transformation in manufacturing

Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry

Although slower in its approach to changes, the manufacturing industry in this digital age also suffers the need to digitally transform itself – otherwise, it will be left behind as other industries have already progressed to this phase. Once upon

benefits of moving to cloud

How Moving to Cloud Computing Can Benefit You Financially

Cloud Computing includes delivery of computing services, such as server, database, storage, networking, and other services from the internet i.e., cloud. Thus, in simple terms, cloud computing provides on-demand services over the internet. But, before moving further, let us understand

intersystems iris data

InterSystems IRIS Data Platforms and Performance

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform is a hybrid value-based/logical handling (HTAP) database stage. It conveys the execution of an in-memory database with the dependability and implicit toughness of a conventional operational database. InterSystems IRIS has been advanced to simultaneously accommodate both

cloud solutions

8 Important AWS Cloud Solutions To Choose By Application

Whether you are running an application which shares pictures to a large community of mobile users or supporting a crucial operation of your enterprise, a cloud services platform enables quick access to flexible and cheaper IT resources. What is cloud

electronics industry

The Rising Trends in the Electronics Industry

Wherever you cast your glance, you’ll notice one device or another stealing the spotlight. Whether it’s yet another smartphone, an incredibly novel e-reader, or that office coffee maker that is your best friend in the morning – electronic gadgets are

voice technology

Voice technology: A new beginning for your future business

We can officially declare while writing this that we have grown quite addicted to virtual communication. It comes as no surprise that people prefer to speak to invisible responder for many lifestyle requirements. We tell Alexa to give weather updates

Maximizing Desktop-to-Mobile Site Migration – Infographic

Introduction The Internet as we know, it has been in place for more than 20 years, but it has only been in the last decade that we have seen a gradual yet significant shift towards mobile browsing. With smartphones now

blockchain adoption

Is Scalability the only Hurdle for Blockchain Adoption?

Blockchain is generally regarded as one of the most revolutionary technologies, and it does have the world changing capacities in several ways! Still, it isn’t essentially the cure-all magic potion for all the issues prevailing in the universe. Scalability is

drone racing league

Introduction to the Drone Racing League

It is the final lap of the race, and the audience watches as three competitors jockey for the pole position. Then, on the last turn, one of the racers turns too slow and crashes into the wall as his vehicle

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