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Cyber Criminals vs. Ethical Hackers: What’s the Difference (and Why Does it Matter)?

Companies are under threat from cyber criminals. As noted by the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 52 percent of more than 43,000 reported security incidents and data breaches involved hacking, and 66 percent were conducted by outsiders. And it doesn’t

Here’s Why You Need to Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant

Lucas, a CEO by profession and a public speaker by passion feels that hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant is one of his best business decisions till date. He is a big advocate of using Virtual PA and cannot do without

financial data

How to Utilize Financial Data

When business owners utilize financial data in an efficient way, their companies are able to function and grow exponentially. Small Business Financial Health Analysis from the Bank of Chicago stated that business owners that understand financial data tend to have

ai in eprocurement

AI And Intelligent Automation Will Revolutionize eProcurement

In recent decades, procurement has been recognized as a strategic business function. Procurement and supply chain management impact every aspect of business operations. They have transformed from clerical tasks to professionalized fields deeply integrated into the fabric of a business’s

need for a cybersecurity expert

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Expert?

We cannot function without our electronic devices anymore, and therein lies the trouble. It is far more difficult to keep an electronic record secure than it is to lock a physical filing cabinet. Launching an ecommerce website is a trend

artificial intelligence and humanity

Is AI Set to Destroy Our World or Save It?

Artificial intelligence can be a contentious issue. Depending on who you talk to, it could either save the world or destroy humanity. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Is it a moot point? Are we already past the point of

future of cloud storage

The Future of Cloud Storage

At some point, most of us have had to face the caveat of low storage. What usually follows is a begrudging deletion of files from our devices in order to make more space. It’s a limitation in today’s world of

evolution of business intelligene

The Evolution of Business Intelligence

‘Business intelligence’ is a term that has been around for a very long time now. Originally coined back in 1865 by Richard Millar Devens in the Cyclopedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes; today it is so widely accepted a concept

brands using bigdata

Brands Using Big Data to Disrupt Tech Accurately

Big data is changing the guidelines in Silicon Valley and other tech center points far and wide as the various brands have found that enormous information allows them to not just pick up a focused edge in their own businesses,

AI and Project Management

Project Management: How AI could be so beneficial?

Every company has projects that need proper planning. Managing and monitoring from the software development to construction to logistics and finance etc. The tools used are often complex which are designed for specialists and do not provide the results as

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