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driving iot

Driving IoT forward: Facts to know about

As the collectors of the actionable input info, networked smart devices with software embedded sensors and electronics are a crucial driving force behind the Internet of Things. But they don’t create value for organizations on their own. Powerful, fast database

ai in healthcare

How Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes human health

Artificial Intelligence has started creating waves in many businesses. Experts are hoping that it may have a big effect on many facets of our lives, such as helping us push better, take over for client service in businesses, and even

artificial intelligence in education

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI in Education These days Artificial Intelligence is developing a lot and has spread over every part of the world at a rapid pace. This advancement in AI has created a lot of hype which is going beyond the human

movie success prediction

How Data Analytics help movie success prediction

The world has transformed in ways previously unimaginable with the emergence of Big Data and Analytics. In a rapidly flourishing and emerging industry similar to the motion picture industry, new avenues came into existence with data analytics that is useful

significance of bitcoin

Significance of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is known as the revolution in the world of currency, this technology has the potential to replace banks, currencies, governments and gold. What is bitcoin? This is a network of digital currency known as bitcoins, which can be exchange

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