Counting and sorting a large number of coins will take innumerable hours and days along with manpower. There will a lot of time and manpower wastage if done manually. However, there are coin sorter machines that would do the job for us. The best coin sorter available in the market will count and sort out coins in an efficient manner.

The banking and retail sectors have realized the importance of deploying coin sorter machines for improving operational efficiency and save costs. There is a growing demand for coin sorter machines from developing nations. The technologically advanced products have provided huge benefits for banks and the retail sector in terms of costs and time along with accurate results.

The rise in demand for automated cash sorting machines and increased areas of application would raise demand for coin sorter machines in the next few years. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global coin sorter market would reach $5.41 billion by 2023. Following are some of the best machines available in the market.

Royal Sovereign Manual QS-1

This machine allows the user to put nearly 200 coins and sorts nearly 156 coins every minute. This is a portable machine, so it offers convenience as you can move this three-pound machine anywhere. It is compact in nature and technologically advanced. So, a small machine will help you in carrying out sorting task in an efficient manner along with ease in storage. If you buy the coin wrapper along with this machine, wrapping the coin will be so easy as you just need to put the paper inside the machine and tapping it. The machine is equipped with an anti-jam technology that detects and eliminates the jammed coins to enable continuous counting.

Cassida C200

The Cassida C200 Coin Sorter enables users to hold nearly 2,000 coins and sorts 300 coins per minute. In addition, it can put sorted coins into separate bins and each bin has a holding capacity of 900 coins. Moreover, users can put wrappers into coin tubes for rapid and easy wrapping of coins. This technologically advanced machine possesses an ability to recognize denomination of each coin and separate them into each slot. There is an option of the batch totals that calculates the monetary value of coins put into the machine.

Cassida C100 Electronic

This multifunctional machine has the ability to hold nearly 1,500 coins with the sorting rate of 200 coins per minute. The seven-digit LED display will show the total value of coins counted along with denomination. There are various options available such as adding, counting, and batching that can be chosen based on the application for which the machine is used. This machine puts the coins into different drawers, which facilitates the transfer of coins into wrappers.

Royal Sovereign FD-2D Electric

This machine has the ability to hold nearly 400 coins and sort up to 312 coins every minute. It can count and sort pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters. There is an LED display that will display the counted amount in dollars and denominations of counted coins. The sorted coins are put directly into the preformed coin wrappers. These wrappers are put into coin tubes to enable ease in wrapping and rolling. As there are two rows of coin tubes available, the amount of coins sorted is more. As the tubes are full, they can be replaced with another empty tube to continue the operation without any interruption.

Royal Sovereign Electric FS-44P

With a capacity to hold nearly 800 coins, this machine is able to sort nearly 312 coins per minute. Moreover, there are 4 rows of coin tubes to offer more ability to hold more coins at once. This machine saves time as it eliminates the need to change wrappers frequently. The hands-free operation is enabled with the feature of automatic row adjustments. As the tube is full, it moves to the next row. Moreover, the coins will be put into preformed wrappers automatically, which in turn, will save a lot of time. The front panel LED display will show the total count along with denomination.

There are major benefits of deploying the coin sorter machines such as time-saving, cost-saving, and improved efficiency. Each machine has its own benefits and fits for certain applications. Choose the best coin sorter based on the application and operational efficiency requirements to carry out the counting and sorting tasks.