While marketing is concerned, there are many ways to commence a campaign.

The aim is to reach more, sell more and mint more ($$). And for making that happen, marketers around the world are always trying something or the other.

A/B testing. Yes. It is one of the most useful marketing techniques concerning conversions in any industry.

You try one set of settings and see how it performs. Based on the data obtained from the first test, you run the second one. Then the third one and so on until you achieve the saturation of optimization for that particular campaign.

The whole concept of developing new marketing strategies relies on the same.

And apart from campaign optimization, this also helps predict the upcoming marketing trends. Not that these predictions are bound to be true, but at least these create an idea about what might work in the near future.

In this blog post, we talk about 7 such predictions regarding the Digital Marketing trends that might take the world by storm in 2019.

7 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Here are the 7 internet marketing trends that one should be expecting in 2019.

1. Facebook might be hit by the ‘Age factor’

Believe it or not, Facebook is getting older. Uhh! That was a joke.

Well, not really! The thing is that Facebook still continues to be the most popular social networking website, Among users who are 65 years or older.

This makes it the number 1 social media platform in the United States.

But is that all that matters? Talking of numbers, 2018 has been a tough year for Facebook.

Provided the recent data breach allegations that cost Facebook 14 million users, the platform’s relationship with younger generation has deteriorated.

Also, as a result to the same Facebook gained a reputation for being the platform of choice for weaponized, political propaganda.

This means that in the near future, Facebook might turn futile concerning certain campaigns. Majorly due to its downwards trend among younger audiences.

2. Chatbots-Chatbots everywhere!

Chatbots have already made their way to the realm of marketing.

Providing virtual assistance across various websites these chatbots make interaction with users easy for businesses.

Basing on artificial intelligence of language and expression, these tend to be as natural as they can be. What we can expect from chatbots in 2019 is betterment of responses.

Their effectiveness in 2018 has shown a significant increase in usage. And so, they are likely to grow the same way in 2019 as well.

3. Videos Rockin’ all the way

For the n’th time we say, video is the future of content.

Predictions say that by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic

What does it mean? Well, to a business person and an internet marketer as me, this indicates opportunity.

It’s been a while since the creed of internet users became too lazy to read text.

Who is to blame? Well, nobody! And to be honest, nobody likes to read long blocks of text. Maybe captions in a video. But not long blocks of text.

An explainer video in the place of that can make things a lot easier.

That’s why the rate of creation and distribution of visual content is going to bump up in 2019.

Something we can all place our bets on.

4. Live videos get you trending

Just in the last section I mentioned how important videos are. When we talk of Live videos, the stats can blow your mind.

87% of audiences need behind-the-scenes access. For that, they opt to binge watch live-stream online video as it provides more behind-the-scenes content instead of traditional television.

So, is your Live streaming game good enough?

Although, there is no actual way to find that out, I’d recommend you correctly observe your stats and decide for yourself.

Just keep in mind that there is always scope for improvement. The aim of Live videos is to reach out to all your fans and let them connect with you whenever they get a chance.

This is one great tool for boosting user engagement.

5. Content is the king; and will always be!

That’s true.

Trends will come and go, but content quality will always be important.

Be it for the search results or for your readers, you’ll grow only if you continue to produce great content.

And what does great content look like?

Well, to create great content understand the implication of three simple words.

Clarity, Conciseness and Compellability.

In simpler words, what a great piece of content is the one which is clear with words, concise with approach and holds the potency to compel readers down the conversion funnel.

That’s exactly what content marketing aims at, right?

For further understanding look at the pointers below about what a good piece of content comprise of.

  • Clarity of words: This goes without saying.Being clear with your words is the first best thing that you can do with your content. While the idea of insinuating or sliding puns or hidden messages might seem appealing. Turns out it makes the readers think.And that is unnecessary work.Instead, try to talk with facts and be biguous with your content.Statements having more than one possible meanings obviously confuse the reader and also leaves them to doubt the author’s knowledge.
  • Conciseness of content: Every great piece of content is concise.The point is to add enough information about the concerned topic that the reader needs not bounce or pogo-stick.Also, ensure that your content does this in fewer words and easily readable sentences. This is one ingredient that goes into making a great piece of content.
  • Compellability of content: Another important characteristic of a good piece of content is its compellability.The purpose of creating content is to convert the reader into a user.This needs you to use your content to give a subtle push to the readers down the conversion funnel.For that, your content needs to be compelling.

And how to do it?

The best way of improvising here is self analysis.

Read your content 10 times or even 20 times if required. Look for the missing elements. Errors. Possibilities of all sort of feelings that your content might inflict in the reader.

And then forge your compelling content after this analysis.

6. Instagram is the talk of town among kids

We all knew it before said.

Instagram is immensely popular among kids and teens. Reason? The way it presents content and the content that it presents.

And hey! It doesn’t even present much content. It’s basically the users themselves. Well! That is exactly what a social media platform is about.

All in all, Instagram is a great tool for marketing campaigns targeting users below 35.

This is because 73% of instagram users lie in that age group.

7. Voice interaction is on a rise

Voice search, voice to text typing, voicemail and ‘voice-what-not’. It’s all trending. Already!

All thanks to Cortana, Siri, Ok Google and other voice assistance softwares, verbal interaction and engagement with electronic devices is on a rise.

As we all know that the aim is to attain the utmost ease of access. The aim is to make it accessible to anyone and everyone, anywhere on the globe.

One major challenge that devices based voice interaction is having to face right now is the way a voice search presents search results.

When we type a search query and hit for it, the results page has a number of search results.

This gives choices.

While when you conduct a voice search, the SERP has fewer results.

And the rest is yet to see and witness for you, me and whole of the world. Beating that all, hands down, voice interaction is going to be one definite ingredient of search engine optimization and marketing.

Final words

If we take a look back in 2003, digital marketing has seen one but many changes.

The whole realm of SEO, SMO and all other sorts of internet based marketing arenas has changed dramatically. Even in the years to come, this will continue to be the same way.

What we try to do is collect the facts and the ever-changing marketing trends to further analyze and predict what practices might trend in the near future.

This article was to do the same.

These were 7 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2019. We hope this article was of help to you.