Apple, one of the leaders of the market seems to be on the top of their game at the moment. One thing that makes Apple a world leader is the fact that they keep upgrading their offerings. Be it the hardware of their phone or the software, Apple keeps evolving in order to make sure that whatever Apple is offering is truly topnotch.

If we specifically talk about iOS, the operating system of iPhones, one of the most selling product of Apple, the company makes sure that the OS tops the game. Therefore, more and more companies are also developing iOS apps because they know that iOS is the hottest at the moment. Not even the customer apps, in fact many apps for the learners are also available on iOS.

Big Data is growing at an immense speed, and so is the number of people learning Big Data. Big data is the chief factor to the app market, and is expected to touch the $100 billion mark in the year 2020. One of the easiest ways to learn Big Data might be to opt for a course, but if all the learning is brought to your smartphones? As, iOS is expanding like anything, therefore, some institutes or companies have started investing in certain iOS apps that are perfect for the data scientists.


Lumosity is one of the perfect, and popular iOS app for the data scientists. It basically offers a personalized brain training program. The brain training lessons are just ideal for sharpening the skills of the Big Data learners. The app also contains more than 40 fun games. All these games are not just intuitive but they also have the capability to challenge a person’s core thinking. The iOS application is basically meant to help you enhance your writing, reading, mathematical as well as cognitive skills. One of the major features of the app is that there are personalized training programs. The programs are extremely interesting as well as quite engaging. There are a few free and a few paid programs as well.

IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos is regarded as one of the top business intelligence (BI) tools in the world at the moment. It is a product of IBM, and thus it is quite reliable. Cognos, is accessible on the smartphones, and is specifically built for iOS as well. Users can gain access to existing reports and dashboards available in Cognos, synchronizing content from the Cognos server, email attachments, or iTunes itself.

Basic Statistics

Basic Statistics is one of the best applications for the data analysts. The application is specifically built for the people who want to learn and improve their stats. Statistics as we know is one of the key elements of data analysis. Hence, it is important to master stats to become a topnotch Big Data scientists. This application is something like a refresher on a plenty of useful statistical measures. The app contains various subjects like frequency graphs, probability, distributions, data description, approximations, theory testing etc. It is one of the best apps to master stats.

SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects Mobile is a fantastic reporting and analytics BI solution. It is aimed at the business users. It is accessible on both Android as well as iOS. It offers users easy access to a plenty of the tools which are also available in the classic Business Objects solution, which is available for their second screens. The mobile application works both online and offline. And, it is basically curated to offer the users various interesting collaboration features. At the same time, it also offers more access to the in-memory data sources, which turn out to be quite helpful.

The world of Big Data development is only going to grow. Therefore, if you want to become a better data scientists or a better data analyst, there are many iOS apps available in the market as well.