Google’s Featured Snippets is perhaps the first thing that a person sees if your website ranks top on the first page of Google. Its popularity is increasing with each passing day as it helps Internet users to quickly receive a concise answer to their questions without visiting the website. Website owners and SEO professionals can optimize their website in such a way that Google starts to show their website or its pages in Featured Snippets and help them to increase traffic and conversion up to a great extent.

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You should always keep in mind that Google’s Featured Snippets draws maximum attention to the site and increase its credibility. Google introduced Featured Snippets to the SEO community in 2014. Since then, it has become a real stumbling block for the whole search engine optimization industry. So, how to optimize a website that it gets into Google’s Featured Snippets? Let’s research now.

Give Answer To Different Types of Questions

The main function of Google’s Featured Snippets is to answer one of 5 questions- who, what, when, where, and why? The complexity of the question will determine the content format. Google works in 3 different formats here:

  1. If Google considers the certain part of a web page interesting for a wide audience, its database will offer a detailed answer,
  2. If a question is extremely specific and complex, Google will direct the user to search results as any selected snippet will not present a complete answer to a complex question and
  3. If a question is unambiguous and straightforward, users can get the basic answer from Featured Snippets.

So, succinct and concise answers these 5 most popular questions will help to advance in this regard. Monitor search trends & select specific keywords based on the user behaviour on your website.

Work on Definitions and Terms

Always keep in mind that Implied questions are one of the main questions shown in featured snippets. Internet users who use voice search technology to explore things, pronounce the full sentence. Mobile and desktop Internet users often use individual words and so-called “pushing” phrases to explore specific information.

For example- if you want to know what SEO is, you will most likely enter the query “What is SEO?” You will seek a concise and comprehensive answer on this topic in Google’s Featured Snippets. But, do not limit yourself to short articles or notes at all. The web page on your website must contain comprehensive information on a specific issue. It should give a direct answer to a direct question.

Make Comparisons

All digital marketing professionals must keep in mind that Google likes to show lists, tables and various kinds of comparative materials in Featured Snippets. On a website which is dedicated to Internet marketing, you must show comparisons between SEO VS SMO for traffic, leads, and sales to get it listed in Featured Snippets.

Include Product Price List (For E-commerce Websites)

Users love to get accurate price data when they have to buy products. So, this type of content holds a great chance to get into Google snippets. Present content to visitors in a convenient format and allow them to compare the cost and characteristics of various goods and services easily and effortlessly. If the prices of a product are subject to rapid fluctuations, then don’t use this option. Any information that is useful to visitors and makes their life easier, it can easily be included in Google’s Featured Snippets.

Play with the Word “Best”

A huge number of searches use the word “best” to find high-quality products on the WWW. Awareness of this can be the key to a successful SEO campaign as visitors want to know which product is better. Use “Best” in titles, such as “Best Hotels in Singapore, Best SEO companies in Australia” to help Google add your web-page in featured snippets. It will help you to get more traffic when you promote specific products and services.

Necessarily Add FAQ Page to Your Website

If there is no good answer to direct questions in search results – it makes sense to write highly specialized material that will give the user a concise and succinct answer to his/her question and concern. If you update your website content regularly, use the tag “Last updated” to inform Google about how relevant your material is for the audience. Many webmasters and bloggers underestimate the importance of “Question-Answer” format. Always keep in mind that modern Internet users are very critical to the content quality. So, you need to offer FAQ to users on your website.

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Use “How To” Content In Website Optimization

Despite the abundance of so many web pages and keywords, only 12.29% of search queries fall under the format of Google’s Featured Snippets. So, write “how to” and “step-by-step instructions” articles as far as possible and upload them on websites as they stimulate users to click on websites and study the answer in detail. In return, website owners get lots of business opportunities.

Final Words

Google’s Featured Snippets are a hallmark of high-quality websites. They let users know the basic idea about a topic and encourage them to visit the site to receive valuable info in detail. Write high-quality content and optimise it for all behavioural metrics. Your website content will be shown in Google’s Featured Snippets with different keywords and search terms. Good Luck!