Starting a career sounds easier than it actually is. You might already be surrounded by numerous souls who you believe are on the right track. Some of them give you a sense of envy, while some give you inspiration.

But why follow someone else’s footstep when you can create your own road?

Getting the right job is not that easy

Most people who crib about not getting the right job overlook the fact that they are procrastinating. There is no way that they can achieve their dream jobs when they are their own enemies.

Most of the graduates aspire to get places in a reputed and top-notch multinational company. We all know that nothing big comes easy.

Of course, there are many who wish to pursue further a job after graduating and earn an average amount for themselves.

But for the lot who wish to get a high paycheck and is ready to churn their heads around mathematics, statistics and data analyzing, here are some of the highest paying jobs you can try your hands on.

#1 Business Intelligence Analyst

A Business Intelligence Analyst is pure gold for the companies. Every company looks to hire BI Analysts as they can help to maximize the benefits of their data collection. Most companies rely on the expertise of analysts to make data-driven decisions and help the company bloom.

The average salary of a business intelligence analyst is $79,613  along with the perks of living in high-class cities like New York, Chicago, Washington etc.,

#2 Data Scientist

A Data scientist has nothing to do with science and inventions. Their jobs are mainly focused on the stats and math of a company. They solve complicated data models and understanding the trends for the benefit of a firm. Data analyzing and data mining of the extracted data are other tools of their trade.

Sounds like a lot work?  But a lot of work is something which will get you a lot of pay too!

Data scientist repaid around $120,931 yearly which is enough to plan two leisure vacations twice a year and make up for the workload.

#3 Management Consulting Analyst

A Management Consulting Analyst is a free bird in the field of business. They can work independently, start their own firm and get tied down with a company. Their main aim is to offer business proposals to make it better at what they do.

The Average salary that a management consulting analyst gets paid is  $75,091.

#4 Operations Research Analyst

An operation research analyst is somewhere very responsible to help a business make better decisions. It is their job to help a business solve as well as identify operational problems for a benefit.

An average salary of an operations research analyst revolves around $68,571.

#5 Data Analyst

Data Analyst, also known as a Business analyst is there to go through the data and provide appropriate information to the company. With this data, the company can easily make beneficial decisions. They use different tools and techniques which help them understand complex data models.

A data analyst is likely to earn a hefty amount of  $65,470 annually

#6 Big Data Analytics Specialist

Big Data Analysis is somewhere similar to the Data Analysts. The only difference is that they are specialized in managing the big data which a regular data analyst cannot do. They are well-versed to obtain the result from a bulk of large data-set.

The average salary of a Big Data Analyst is $65,470.

#7 Market Research Analyst

As the name suggests, a Market Research Analysts studies the condition of the market. They examine the sales of the service of product in the market so that improvements can be made. They also help companies understand the demands of the consumers.  A market research analyst is a street-smart person.

Average salary: $60,429

#8 Pricing and Revenue Analyst

Revenue or Pricing Analyst has the job to analyze the finance of a company. The revenue and prices need to be analyzed so that the revenue growth of a company can be boosted.

An average salary of pricing and revenue analyst is around $58,540.


A job as an analyst is popular as well as interesting. It not only shapes up your career but also offers a wide stream of opportunities to grow as a person.

You will be able to understand business as well as the market while being paid hefty. Another approach to get successful professionally is to opt for higher studies.

Higher studies open up more opportunities to boost your career. Hence, enabling you to pursue the job of your dreams and moreover live a life of on an extravagant scale.

Hope the above information will help you target the best job available out there. To help you further, I have a blog on the which will help you not only be choose the best schools for business analytics but also provide you Skills are required the most!  Check out: Masters in Business Analytics

Now go get the job you were eyeing, good luck !