For every IT or software project, quality is one of the essential requirements. Though you can enter through a number of ways into this profession, here are a few reasons why people like to enter in the field.

  • They have a deep interest in this profession.
  • They hold a degree or completed some certification course in this field.
  • They hold a degree in software engineering and design.
  • Or they want to switch their current domain.

Here, through this article, we are going to explain that what you need to become a software quality engineer or what are the requirements to become a quality engineer.

Here, through below-listed sections, we will discuss the complete career path of software engineers including essential qualification and the experience required for this profession.

Get all the skills

Usually, employers ask and expect a bachelor’s degree from software quality engineers or quite a similar certification completed by the professionals. The certification or degree is a proof that you have enough fundamental skills to be a software quality engineer. Even your existing organization may also ask you to join the course in software engineering. So, you are strongly recommended to have any qualification and join the QA certification course to become a successful quality engineer.

Be qualified and certified

As far as experience is concerned then if you belong to any software industry or you are from the computer science background or any other related field. Either you start from your career in the entry-level/junior-level field or you wanted to scale-up your skills, still, you can become a quality engineer. A number of companies also accept your working experience of a few months in the relevant field. Here, the working experience of the candidate could belong to any field but you will get added benefits if you are from a computer science background.

Get Lucrative Salaries

As far as salary or wages of the quality assurance engineers is concerned then engineers in the USA usually get average $100,690 per year, that can also vary depending on skills, requirement, and various other factors like education, responsibility, the region of work and many others. A few of the common factors are:

  • Your experience levels
  • Education and Certification
  • Your working industry
  • Responsibility level expected by your employer
  • Your working region
  • Many other factors

The salary of quality assurance engineer also depends on the region or country in which they are employed. Depending on the skill or level you can become a qualified and experienced professional.

Be industry-Ready

Software quality assurance engineers are mainly responsible to develop, publish and implement test cases and test plans for easy or complex software projects or applications. Before sending the project to the client it is tested by quality engineers rigorously. The key responsibilities of QA specialists include developing high standards for software quality and to track the metrics. Below-listed points highlight key-responsibilities of quality assurance engineers:

  • To create automated test plans by using a variety of tools
  • To perform black-box testing as and when required
  • To develop automated testing systems that can be used by commercial scripts, tools or datasets
  • To resolve any issue that is found in the testing step.
  • To provide consultancy to other departments of the company

Once you grasp all these skills with the right education and certification, you quickly become the industry-ready and right resource for enterprises.

QA Engineer Careep Path

Quality Assurance Engineer Career Path

Top 5 Career Options for QA Professionals

So far you may have understood that software testing is a potential career option, QA testers can also become QA managers and lateral they can move to the path of testing automation or strategically field. Experienced QA professionals have become successful managers and testing professionals and they are tackling new challenges for their career gracefully. The most innovative career options are product management and enterprise architecture. They are listed below:

Product Manager

QA professionals can become a successful product manager that can review and analyze software repeatedly and by this, they can develop a deep understanding of the process to make software better. QA professionals focus on the development and launching of the new products. Even QA professionals can easily move to other areas of the organization and become director of global business organizations.

Role as DevOps Professional

Software testers can view the development process and can become product stability or good release manager in any company that follows DevOps approach. It basically follows a holistic approach for development and delivery of any software. DevOps guarantee quality software and can provide better service to the clients by maintaining the quality of software. So, a QA engineer can move upstream and become a DevOps engineer too in the organization.

Customer Experience or Service Provider

QA professionals can enhance and improve the customer experience and provide valuable service to the clients. For QA professionals their consumer or customer comes first, so any position for customer service comes at first. We can say that software testers are the voice of customers. As there are a number of customers and hence they expect quality service by the organization, which they hire for the software development.

Enterprise Architect Professionals

The enterprise architect is an imperative role for the professionals and they are responsible for developing and building enterprise level software. They are Experienced QA professionals can exhibit perfect skills that are required for the architect role. QA professionals can be a great candidate as architect for enterprise and provide better service to them.

IT Management

Though QA’s may join IT organizations in another role, still they can become an IT professional and manage the IT task perfectly. Here they can adopt a number of roles as IT Manager. At that level, there are a number of decisions that need to be taken and for that QA engineers can support them.

Final Words

QA professionals have to overcome all obstacles to be a successful IT professional. By having all the required essential skills, they can easily become qualified and expert professional. In order to maintain the quality of software, organizations have to hire QA professionals and they provide quality service to their organization. So, they are the pillars of IT industries with immense job opportunities in the software field and lucrative salary options too.