In today’s competitive world, even that talented entrepreneur can still find it hard to succeed without adequate understanding of business and management. While many would be entrepreneurs tend to think that they only need to have a brilliant plan to rise to the top, the truth is that an MBA goes a long way in getting a successful startup off the ground.

If you are planning on launching your own startup, An MBA is what will teach you how you can turn that good idea into a successful business. According to statistics, 1 in every 4 unicorns has at least one founder member with MBA. From this, it is clear that MBA founders have more chances of creating a successful company. From Nike co-founder Phil Knight to former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, there is lots of successful entrepreneurs who eschewed the MBA,

These people have proved that getting an MBA as an entrepreneur is definitely the best first step towards startup success. If you are still unsure if an MBA can really help you, here are ways on how an MBA degree provokes the startup business success.

Your develop substantiated business plans

While almost everyone has a business idea, one needs a very strong plan and structure to make an enterprise out of the idea. One of the major benefits of going through an MBA program is that the knowledge gained helps entrepreneurs be in a better position to develop great business plans.

The program helps you understand how you can pen down a substantiated business plan that is able to assess the effectiveness of all the actions that the teams will take for them to scale an organization. When properly written, a business plan will easily lure potential investors.

Gives you essential business knowledge

Apart from having those creative and innovative ideas, as an entrepreneur you also need to have the fundamental knowledge that is needed to survive in a rather competitive marketplace. When taking an MBA program, first you will be equipped with valuable knowledge you require to successfully launch your own ventures.

The program will then take you through all the various aspects of business practice and teach you efficient operational principles. This will not only give you competitive advantage, but also prevent you from making any damaging mistakes.

Hones your leadership skills

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to have the personal skills required for effective leadership. One of the most vital personal skills that will be needed by both the entrepreneur and staff members is communication.

When a startup is able to communicate effectively and persuasively with clients, there will be higher chances for success. Additionally, the company’s staff members should also find it easier to communicate well with each other for them to be able to work towards a common goal.

An MBA program will also teach you a lot about everything that makes a company tick including maintain your company’s positive image, gathering and interpreting industry data, hiring the right talent and how to keep them motivated.

You learn financial literacy

Research shows that about 50 percent of new businesses tend to collapse even before celebrating their first anniversary. The main reason that leads to this is lack of financial literacy among its founders. Even with a great idea, an entrepreneur will still need the necessary skills needed to market their products or services and maintain a reasonable budget.

Many of these founders fall victims of over-investing while others force their startups to grow too fast. With an MBA, the founders will have the required knowledge on how to make solid financial decisions especially during the first few years of their startup.

Provides networking opportunities

While studying for your MBA, you will have great networking opportunities. As an MBA student, you will likely interact with a good number of highly accomplished colleagues as well as the teaching staff who will have great management skills and experience. These people will be a great resource when you finally decide to build your own company.

Through networking with your peers, you will be able to build professional relationships, learn about other companies, and might even enlist some of your favorites for your startup team. In addition, you will have easy access to your MBA program’s alumni network which by now will be full of highly accomplished and experienced graduates.

Support for entrepreneurship

Most of the students who enroll for an MBA program tend to have ambitions of opening their own startups. For this reason, many MBA professors often try to provide their students with all the valuable help and important resources that they can.

In addition, some programs will go a step further to allow students tailor their courses and studies towards entrepreneurship. This full entrepreneurship support provides would be entrepreneurs with a suitable environment to make all the possible mistakes, learn from them, and grows before they finally launch their startup.

You can easily take your business global

In today’s competitive world, international expansion is very necessary considering that most of the fields are already crowded. Fortunately, an MBA program provides you with all the practical guidance and conceptual tools that you will need when you finally want to take your business global.

Entrepreneurs with an MBA are able to tap into a wide variety of resources which will provide them with valuable business concepts. With an in-depth knowledge of the various business concepts, they will be able to quickly become aware of variations of these concepts and what they will be required to do for them to advance their company’s vision.


If you have considered establishing your own company, an MBA can be your first greatest startup asset. Enrolling in an MBA program gives you a deeper understanding of how a business works and a good background for brainstorming, drafting and financing a business in any industry. If you are hoping to return to get an MBA is worried about finding the time, you can consider enrolling for MBA for working professionals.

A distance learning master’s degree will still provide you with a high-quality education that you would have also received in the campus. Enrolling in an online master’s degree India will really benefit you if you have always dreamed of establishing a successful business.