Tips for Parents to choose the best private school for your child

Choosing the right private school for a kid is the most difficult decision that parents must make a sit is about the career of their child.  A lot of time is spent searching the right kind of school for their child some time is spent searching for the school website. Schools can not be alone be reviewed online but a huge amount of time is required to pay personal visits to the school. After all pictures not always do justice to how bad or good a school could be. You need to look for the following features to recognize how bad or good a school could be. Prepare a short list of the points and make sure that it meets all the requirements mentioned below:

Small Classes

It is the one of the most important features that the school you are planning to send your child to must approve of. Most of the parents want to send their child to a private school so that the child gets extra attention and special care individually. Where in public schools the classrooms are overcrowded in the private schools, they take only limited number of children so that individual attention can be given to each student.

So, if you are spending huge amount of money for your child’s education to send him/her to the school then you must not forget that your child must have plenty of personal interaction with the teachers for solving personal queries. Interaction is the most crucial part when it comes to learning. In small classes your child is not just a number but a special child with different needs. Small class filled with students means more discussion, more activities and your child will participate in all this more actively.

A private educational institution known as The Awty International School has 10:1 student to teacher ratio. In a school like this where the student to teacher ratio is less it helps the students to come out of their shells and perform better in an open environment where the classes have a very small strength. Whereas is classes where student to teacher ratio Is not balanced their personal interaction of the teacher and the student is not possible as a result of which your child might not be able tom perform to the best of his capabilities.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Unlike public school the teachers of private schools are not unionized. In a private school when a teacher is hired it is not on permanent basis beginning from interview she is selected based on her qualifications. Her qualifications must be high and apart from that she must have an additional degree to complement the subject that she is already teaching. A teacher’s contract is renewed only after her good her performance is good in a class.

Extracurricular Activities

For the parents who think that just providing education to your child is enough then think again. If you want your child’s overall development, then you must push your child to participate in extracurricular activities too and that would be only possible if the school that you are sending your child to promotes extracurricular activities. In public schools’ extracurricular activities survive when the school is getting enough funds and that is not something that happens every time. So, in a private school that is funded by high fees there is no limit to the extracurricular activities that are included in the list of activities apart from studying.

Sports Programs

Arts and sports programs are the essential part of a school. In a public school there could be chances that due to the low budget problems some programs, activities can be removed from the school curricular. But in private schools this is not the case sports programs are equally promoted just like any other program. Children are made to focus on the sports programs just like they are for any other thing.

Environment of the school- Does it focus on a sense of community

More than home a student spends most of his life in school so much know what it is going to be like for your child to spend the entire day in a school. As a parent you must know the in and out about a school. If the environment provided to your child is good, then he/she will be more productive and happier. A good environment also helps the students to maintain a good peer relationship.

A few questions parents need to ask:

  • Do the school authorities run any community-building activities?
  • Does the school cultivate strong peer teacher relationship?
  • How does the school deal with the behavioral and social problems like teasing, bullying, teasing etc.?

These are a few factors based on which parents must select the right school for their child. There could be many other factors that parents generally would consider for taking their child out, but the ones listed here tops the list.