Education is a way that improves our lives and pushes us to be better. It gives us an understanding of the world around us and offers opportunities allowing us to use our experiences and knowledge to gain respect and lead a better life in the future.

What is education? It is one of the simplest questions that have different answers for everybody. Some say that education is essential to gain knowledge about the past and the present to make our future better. It just doesn’t include the readable information present in the books used in schools and colleges—although it plays an important part in setting our mind; instead, it is more complicated than just being discipline to acquire values and skills that serve the society and generations of humanity.

The goal of true education is more than the cerebral aspect of understanding the various modes of critical, abstract, visual, and creative thought processes. It is also about addressing the corporeal aspect of a person making a holistic individual. Simply put, it can be said that education is a platform that can break all barriers allowing us to discover and explore our limits.

Character and personality: the soul of education

The personality and character of a person is something that makes an individual different from others. Some associated character to be the moral values and ethics of a person. However, it is an optimistic approach to life and a process of continuous learning which can be acquired at any time, no matter the time and age.

In order to understand the relation between the character and role of education in character building, imagine a situation where a human has knowledge but no character or personality that can differentiate his character from others. Such a person is indeed knowledgeable, but it is merely a robot that does work and carries out tasks without having moral and ethical values.

Role of education in the development of character

The key to knowledge: lack of knowledge can have an effect on the pleasing quality of politeness and involvement in discussions with educated people. Knowledge let you indulge with learned people giving a boost to your personality and character. Besides providing you with an opportunity to be better at every task, it can enhance your decisions and set a better perception of your personality among others.

Makes you choose the right and wrong: blind faith and superstitions is something in which people get trapped very easily. Bad faith and false perceptions can harm society more than doing good for it. Being an educated person helps in eliminating false beliefs while giving us the knowledge to pick out right from wrong. This is not just true in a religious way but also provides better opportunities to the people rather than limiting their mind set.

The teacher of ethics: failing provides a path to success which has hurdles and difficulties. Education provides light and knowledge to pass the hurdles with ease. The quality of an educated person is that they learn to be better by working out a way that is both fair and successful. It is like working as a freelance Wikipedia writer providing Wikipedia writing service and more but not getting proper credits for writing the article.

A confidence booster: a confident personality and character are important to thrive in this world. Establishing healthy communication while clearing doubts on any subject or topic. Education gives you the confidence to put forward the facts which can create a perfect impression in the eyes of the audience.

A foundation for lifelong learning: education gives humility. Humility by definition is the act of being modest. By that, it is meant, an educated person is willing to learn new things and aspects of life. Education provides a person with experiences opening gates to better opportunities and chances to enhance life.

Teach healthy habits: healthy habits here means mannerisms which include the way a person eats, drinks, sits, stand, talk, and many other related characteristics. These are the first things that a person is taught as a part of character building, and it becomes that first thing that you are judged upon like a person. Healthy habits also come around behavior and cleanliness which determines your character as a healthy person who can affect your personality as a person.

Increase memory and thinking skills: thinking skills and a good memory can impress anyone leading to healthy discussions. A healthy brain remembers the facts and facets of a particular discussion and allows you to put your point in from of the audience with clarifications. Having better conversation leaves a positive mark on the audience, and your personality is praised for its charm as a keen thinker and true speaker.

Enhances the decision-making capabilities: being educated means to be able to turn your weakness into strength. Education empowers an individual to make decisions based on our past experiences and capabilities. It enables the individual against wrongs and taking charge of their lives without being dependent on others.

The importance of character education

As said above, character education and the development of personality are merely the promotion of ethical values and understanding of the world that is necessary for the development of a human mind. Simply put, it is the nurturing of those values that sets us apart from being humanized robots and computer intelligence.

Character building in simple words is the relationship between two different types of knowledge—one, the knowledge that encompasses a wide range of subjects obtained through reading and training in a particular field of studies and two, the beliefs and moral codes of an individual which influences the understanding between the right and the wrong gained through past experiences and life lessons.

Character education has become a necessary part of today’s society. One of the major reasons for that is the continuous degrading of moral values; our society has fallen into “moral crises”. Individuals are struggling to cope with the disturbing trends such as violence, racism and xenophobia to name a few and character education can build a better personality leading to the development of a better society.

The role of character education in academics

Character building and education has a major role to play in academic studies. One of the traits that character education teaches the students is the sense of responsibility and persistence which encourage the students to learn and maintain their focus on what’s important. This drives their will to learn better and do well in their academics.

Other than that, building characters also helps in developing a moral code for interactions with the teachers and classmates developing a positive environment and influence discipline among the students.

The psychological factors determining the character of a person

It is true to say that every individual have different perceptions and beliefs which effect the development of personality of the person.  The character development of an individual depends mainly on personal motives, interests, attitudes and intellectual capacity, i.e., one’s perception, observation, capability to reason and imagine.

These factors are some of the major psychological aspects that determine the reactions and perception of a situation and thus effecting the growth and development of one’s personality and character.


The character of an individual is similar to a seed that has the potential to grow in to a fully grown fruitful tree with proper nurturing and support. Education is something that supports the human mind and nourishes it develop a better personality and character allowing us to break barriers and explore limitations.