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ai in eprocurement

AI And Intelligent Automation Will Revolutionize eProcurement

In recent decades, procurement has been recognized as a strategic business function. Procurement and supply chain management impact every aspect of business operations. They have transformed from clerical tasks to professionalized fields deeply integrated into the fabric of a business’s

artificial intelligence and humanity

Is AI Set to Destroy Our World or Save It?

Artificial intelligence can be a contentious issue. Depending on who you talk to, it could either save the world or destroy humanity. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Is it a moot point? Are we already past the point of

AI and Project Management

Project Management: How AI could be so beneficial?

Every company has projects that need proper planning. Managing and monitoring from the software development to construction to logistics and finance etc. The tools used are often complex which are designed for specialists and do not provide the results as

artificial neural network

How does Artificial Neural Network Work?

Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks We welcome you to the world of neural networks where you are going to learn them in and out. If you are a deep learning rookie, this post will inspire you to get started in

ai for digital marketing

Influence of AI on Digital Marketing

From Apple’s intelligent assistant siri to self driving cars from Tesla to Google AI that can learn video games in a very short period, Artificial Intelligence is transforming industries one after other. The very next aim of AI would be

ai in healthcare

How Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes human health

Artificial Intelligence has started creating waves in many businesses. Experts are hoping that it may have a big effect on many facets of our lives, such as helping us push better, take over for client service in businesses, and even

artificial intelligence in education

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Education

AI in Education These days Artificial Intelligence is developing a lot and has spread over every part of the world at a rapid pace. This advancement in AI has created a lot of hype which is going beyond the human