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Data Scientist! What does he actually do?

Data Scientists are known as data wranglers. They take a gigantic mass of untidy data focuses (unstructured and organized) and utilize their considerable aptitudes in math, measurements and programming to clean, oversee and sort out them. At that point they

brands using bigdata

Brands Using Big Data to Disrupt Tech Accurately

Big data is changing the guidelines in Silicon Valley and other tech center points far and wide as the various brands have found that enormous information allows them to not just pick up a focused edge in their own businesses,

big data insights

How to gain actionable insights with Big data?

In today’s digital marketplace, companies are under constant pressure to improve profitability and prompt to seek higher levels of transparency into financial performance and discover insights that can enhance decision making by creating value. Companies have started to understand the

iOS Apps

Exciting Big Data iOS apps you never thought will ever be developed

Apple, one of the leaders of the market seems to be on the top of their game at the moment. One thing that makes Apple a world leader is the fact that they keep upgrading their offerings. Be it the

python for bigdata

Why Python is considered the best for Big Data?

Everybody is well aware to the fact that we are now in the era of large data, where nearly all decisions made with major companies and even government entities are being eased with the aid of a huge data analytics