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blockchain in tourism

How Blockchain Influences The Tourism Industry

The year 2017 was when the blockchain projects flourished, where ICOs raised billions. This year it was a total crash for cryptos, however the amount raised this year were double as the previous one. The blockchain projects promised more, although

blockchain adoption

Is Scalability the only Hurdle for Blockchain Adoption?

Blockchain is generally regarded as one of the most revolutionary technologies, and it does have the world changing capacities in several ways! Still, it isn’t essentially the cure-all magic potion for all the issues prevailing in the universe. Scalability is

Blockchain transforming industries

5 ways blockchain is transforming every industry

Satoshi Nakamoto the person behind the creation of the world’s first digital currency, named as Bitcoin. He believed that the bitcoin would bring a revolution in the future of the financial industry. However there is no major impact caused by

blockchain for cybersecurity

Role of Blockchain in addressing Cybersecurity threat

Cybersecurity has emerged as a grave concern for many businesses. Organizations now store large amounts of data on the web. Many transactions are conducted online as well, while numerous activities and workflows are coordinated through connected apps and devices. Unfortunately,

blockchain in banking sector

How Blockchain influences the Banking sector

Blockchain technology is gaining traction and changing the finance industry as we know it. Banks have long held on to traditional banking methods, but to survive in a digital future, they need to implement new banking technology. This is the