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Cyber Criminals vs. Ethical Hackers: What’s the Difference (and Why Does it Matter)?

Companies are under threat from cyber criminals. As noted by the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 52 percent of more than 43,000 reported security incidents and data breaches involved hacking, and 66 percent were conducted by outsiders. And it doesn’t

need for a cybersecurity expert

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Expert?

We cannot function without our electronic devices anymore, and therein lies the trouble. It is far more difficult to keep an electronic record secure than it is to lock a physical filing cabinet. Launching an ecommerce website is a trend

steps to improve cyber security

10 Steps to Improve Cyber Security in 2019

Anything, anytime, anywhere. This has become the basic mantra of every corporate. And, it can be fulfilled by only one thing, i.e., Internet because it touches every aspect of life very easily. However, the more it gets stretched, the more

blockchain for cybersecurity

Role of Blockchain in addressing Cybersecurity threat

Cybersecurity has emerged as a grave concern for many businesses. Organizations now store large amounts of data on the web. Many transactions are conducted online as well, while numerous activities and workflows are coordinated through connected apps and devices. Unfortunately,