Marketers need to be well aware of a lot of factors while marketing their products and services. One such important factor is identifying their customers correctly and precisely. This identity resolution generally consists of graphs and patterns that denote the financial behaviour, the lifestyle of the customers and mainly the data that is related to the purchase of the products.

identity resolution architecture

The marketers get this information from the various information that the customer provides while buying, like e-mail surveys and transaction history. The actual need to get the identity resolution right is because it allows for marketers with a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

Growth Expansion

If the customer data that is required by the marketers is provided statistically with high accuracy, the expansion of the marketing becomes significantly more substantial. Even, the opportunities for cross-selling can be increased with the proper and correct utilization of data received from the identity resolution. The sale can be expressed in this way. This also provides the opportunity to engage old customers as well as new customers, and hence expands the marketing growth by leaps and bounds.

Achievement of Targets

The condition of the current market is such that the marketers have to be flexible enough. They need to adapt to tricky situations and act accordingly that can help them to achieve and reach their targets. For this, the identity resolution has to be utilized rightly, and the marketing will automatically increase. One has to be extremely sure about the identity resolution, and cannot just leave it to guesswork. So, proper retrieval of data is needed. If a marketer is aware of a particular customer’s habits, then appropriate steps can be taken accordingly. This will increase marketing and help the marketers to achieve the targets quickly.

Personalizing the experiences of Customer

There are various ways to retrieve the data of the customer’s behavior even when there is not much history available. A suitable method in these types of situations is to win the confidence of the new customer. For doing so, one needs to provide communication or messages that are personalized concerning that particular customer. This is very much important as without the identity resolution, the relationship with the new customers will degrade, which will only result in the marketing slowing down.

Making the Customers happy

When marketers have the proper information about their customers, the possibility of increasing the engagement of customers with their products and services is very high. For instance, marketers can create and provide content that is likely to attract a lot of customers because it is something related to their favorite topics of interest. This will not only increase the marketing of the products but will keep the customers happy with the products and their services as well. Therefore, the customers will refer that particular marketer to their friends and families as well, as they will feel the facilities are quite good, and they are quite satisfied with it.

Reduction of Expenditure

There are possible ways to reduce the total spending that a marketer needs to do while advertising for their products and services. This total spending can be done smartly where one only spends on the factors that are necessary as well as efficient for marketing purposes. The knowledge of the behavioral pattern, manner and general preferences of the customer will allow a marketer to spend only on the factors that will generate even more interest from the customers and increase their engagement. Similarly, unnecessary expenditure can completely be curtained off for good. Therefore, the spending will get reduced significantly, and the marketers will experience a rise in their overall net profit.  

Creation of a single view of Customers

The marketers benefit by using the identity resolution as it helps them to find the exact details of the customers who are directly interacting with them. No matter if they are behind a particular browser, be it accessing from computers or mobiles, it can be identified. Also, the location of the customer can be determined precisely. This allows marketers to create a single view of the customers targeted. Hence, communication among them can be improved as well. This will enable better personalization and customization of customer profiles. Thus the customers will get satisfied as well.

Getting Holistic Measurement

If the marketers fail to amass proper data about the behavioral patterns of their customers, it will help them to create a good impression on the customers. Similarly, having a poor knowledge of the data and identity resolution will only result in poor marketing, due to the lack of interest from customers as a result of poor satisfaction due to poor services. Therefore, getting the identity resolution right will make the marketers measure the results of the activity of their customers holistically. This will increase the trade, and the market will flourish.

Having good stature and increase in credibility

When the identity resolution is achieved correctly by the marketers, the size of marketing of that particular marketer is sure to grow. Also, reliability is sure to rise within the organization. This way, the standard of service also increases and the marketers get more opportunities to engage their customers. Therefore, the increase will happen in marketing as well.

Having good compliance

With final identity resolution, a marketer will enjoy the best features of marketing. Substantially, the practices, the harness of utilities and the principle of gathering data will be improved as the accuracy increases. This will make marketing more compliant. The privacy will be safe as well, as the data transfer and storage is well encrypted. The control over the overall processes increases and the restrictions can be well accessed as well. This makes compliance much better.

Therefore, marketers should take all steps necessary that are important for getting the right identity resolution.