Lucas, a CEO by profession and a public speaker by passion feels that hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant is one of his best business decisions till date. He is a big advocate of using Virtual PA and cannot do without his! Sylvia has been working as his Virtual Assistant from the last few years.

She screens emails, manage responses, book appointments, make travel arrangements, track payments and invoices, perform necessary research etc.  Lucas runs an event management company. Which probably means his day is filled with client meetings, calls etc. Sure, he has an operations team to manage the show backend but he would also have a lot of administrative tasks which would otherwise eat up much of his time. That’s where Sylvia fills in.

A lot of fellow entrepreneurs I know are in a similar situation. They are overburdened with mundane tasks that are killing their productivity. They know they need help but are reluctant to take the big step because they think that hiring a full-time Personal Assistant is the only option they have. Concerns like:

It is difficult to find the right person.

Hiring additional help will cut on your profits

What if you don’t have enough work to fill in 8 hours?

These thoughts cloud their mind. In fact that is not the case. Virtual Personal Assistant is the answer to all these concerns.

Who is a Virtual Personal Assistant and what do they do?

Virtual PA or Virtual Personal Assistants are much like physical assistants only virtually. They work from a remote location and communicate via digital mediums like phone, emails, chats etc.

What do they do?

Well…they can help with a range of tasks. Basically anything that does not require physical presence. Because they are remote workers, they can work as per your convenience and you can utilize them for either full-time or part time tasks. They are mainly contractual employees so you can terminate the contract anytime you feel you don’t need their services. No obligation whatsoever!

Most business transactions and operations are conducted digitally through virtual means so it doesn’t really matter if you have a remote assistant to help you with certain things.

Outsourcing certain tasks will free up time for you to do things that you should be doing. Outsourcing tasks that you feel are mundane and take up a lot of time offers plethora of benefits.

Below are few reasons why you should hire a Virtual Personal Assistant rather than a physical assistant to assist you with certain jobs.

Save Money – Believe it or not, hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant has a lot of cost benefits. Firstly, Virtual PA can be hired on a temporary or contractual basis for part-time or full-time requirement as the need may be. They can be hired on a per hour basis which essentially means that you only pay for the hours they have worked. This is certainly more economical than hiring a permanent full-time staff on a fixed monthly salary.

Secondly, your overhead costs go down as well. When you hire an employee, you have to spend time, money etc on training, supervision etc. Add to it the employee benefits, allowances etc. A Virtual PA on the other hand, is a skilled professional who has prior experience in similar jobs and therefore do not require any (or maybe very little!) training.

They are capable of working independently which eliminates the need to monitor or supervise them all the time. You can just have a quick call or a chat about the progress, feedback etc. You can also ask them to send daily reports of task completed so you’ll know where they are.

Saves Time – Hiring the right person is no easy task. You have filter through resumes, take multiple rounds of interview followed by pay negotiation before you can finally zero down on a suitable candidate. Hiring a Virtual PA on the other hand, is quicker as you can skip a lot of this process.

You can simply contact a good outsourcing company regarding your requirement and they’ll set you up for a discussion with a Virtual Assistant.  It’s really that simple and not to mention, the cost savings too!

Flexible Mode of Payment – Virtual Personal Assistants are contractual employees which mean they can be hired on either full-time or part-time basis.

payment mode

Even the mode of payment is flexible. You can pay them either on an hourly basis, weekly or on project basis depending on the nature of task. Mode of payment can be decided mutually between the client and the VA. This ensures satisfaction of both the parties. The VA is assured that he will be paid a certain amount at a specified time and the client is satisfied that he is getting his money’s worth.

Increases Productivity and Prevents Burnout – Once you outsource repetitive mundane tasks to your Virtual Personal Assistant, you will have time on your hands to concentrate on other more important tasks that demand your attention as a CEO but could not devote your time to because you were too caught up with mundane petty tasks.

You’ll be able to now concentrate on tasks that you love doing without feeling too stressed or overloaded with work. Therefore outsourcing to a VA not only enhances productivity but prevents burnout due to excessive workload.

Access to World-Class Talent – Another great advantage of hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant is that you are not restricted by geographical boundaries.

You need not limit yourself to a particular geographical location as in case of hiring physical permanent employees. You can hire people from any location as long as they have the required skills.

This gives you access to world-class talent globally. Sitting in the US, you can hire a talented person from India at affordable rates!

Improve Online Presence and Strengthen Brand Identity – Managing social media profiles for your business requires time and effort.

There are a lot of activities that need to be carried out on a consistent basis like prompt response to consumer queries, creation of engaging content and managing ad campaigns on social media etc.

If you have a virtual PA you can get them to manage it for you. Doing it on a consistent basis will increase your audience base and gradually strengthen your brand identity.

Confidentiality – One of the prime concerns of businesses when it comes to outsourcing is data security. Well…a lot of good outsourcing companies these days sign a non-disclosure agreement with the clients.

Therefore when you hire a Virtual Assistant from a good outsourcing company you can be assured no confidential data will be shared by anybody except your VA and you.

This helps build trust and also binds your VA to work dedicatedly to protect your interests.

Outsourcing is an important business decision these days therefore should be a part of any business strategy. As an entrepreneur you cannot do everything yourself and there delegating tasks to individuals skilled at those tasks so you can concentrate on more important stuff like revenue generation, sales etc. It’s not just cost-effective but adds to your productivity.

If managed well, a Virtual Personal Assistant can be one of the best assistants and business partners you could have ever asked for. I know of a lot of businesses who have managed to upscale after successfully outsourcing some activities. Let us know about your experience with a VA, we’d love to hear!