So, you have seen the bright potentials of having a solid digital marketing strategy for your business. Today, even the most successful enterprises are slowly shifting to online marketing. If you’re considering growing your business using digital marketing, it is recommended to be familiar with different set of tools and how to use them for your campaigns. 

In this article, you will learn some of the top online marketing tools you should explore as recommended by seasoned digital marketers. Keep in mind that each tool has specific features to tailor your marketing campaigns. Choose the best ones that suit your business structure, model, and goals. 

Why Digital Marketing? 

Before we proceed to recommended tools, let’s layout some of the factors how digital marketing can help your business:

  • Wider Network Reach 

One of the main reasons entrepreneurs and small businesses are shifting to digital marketing is it provides better growth options. In the digital landscape, you have the best opportunities to reach wider networks. In fact, you can even promote your products and services globally. 

Digital marketing campaigns such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media are some of the platforms you might want to evaluate for your business. These tactics have been the most effective way to increase positive engagement and brand awareness. 

  • Cost-Efficient

Unlike traditional marketing like radio or TV ads, online marketing is more cost-efficient when it comes to getting results. Many small businesses are taking advantage of this to save up on resources. Take note however that you will need consistency to achieve your goals. 

The best thing about digital marketing is you can make adjustments with your budget. You can shift to different niche to see which platform is the best for your business.

  • Better ROI for your Investment 

In the business perspective, ROI forecast is always on top of the list. As mentioned earlier, even a small fraction of resources can still generate results. It’s just a matter of being versatile with your tactics. Make sure to align your goals with your digital marketing strategies. Analyze the statistics, and make necessary adjustments whenever needed. 

  • Increase Engagement with Mobile Users 

As we all know, people today rely on mobile phones and other gadgets. Global Digital 2019 reports show that there are now over 4.3 billion mobile Internet users across the globe. According to tech experts, this could even double in two to three years. As the number of mobile users increase, the better opportunity for businesses to grow reach and expand their network. 

Now, you have more ideas why many businesses are reaching out to seasoned digital marketers. Let’s move on to some of the essential tools you should have in check as you prepare for your online marketing campaigns:

Still one of the most recommended online marketing tools today, Google Analytics continues to bring outstanding performance when it comes to data gathering, analytics, reporting, and many more. 

Generally, digital marketers use Google Analytics to review traffic results including the exact location, or which pages are generating traffic and engagement. In addition, this comprehensive tool also enables you to set up goals and track conversions. 

This tool is free, but there are several paid plugins with great features you can add for more complex campaigns. 

  • MailChimp 

Mailchimp is growing in popularity these days, especially in eCommerce. This is primarily used for email and social advertising. It’s the best way to automate and configure multiple campaigns.

One of the advantages of using Mailchimp is you can easily monitor traffic from all your campaigns. You can also integrate it with other reputable organizations or SaaS companies. With its features, email drip campaigns should be more efficient, which is good for increasing engagement with your target market. 

Price packages for Mailchimp can go up to $199 depending on your customized subscriptions. 

  • HubSpot 

Another popular online marketing platform today is the Hubspot. This full-stack software can help manage your marketing goals and tactics, sales, and customer service. Many companies today have expanded, and increased conversion rates with the help of this tool. 

Check out some of their free plugins such as lead capture forms, and kickback emails. The free trial also covers basic analytic reports to help you grow your network and adjust your strategies. 

In addition, Hubspot also have work efficient features such as tracking emails, scheduling meetings, live chats, and even time tracking. Setting up your own help desk and ticketing system on freemium plan is also possible. Another perk of this tool is you can link your dashboard into CRM, which allows you to review your customers. 

HubSpot offers three main packages: The Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. Rates can go up to $3,200 per month depending on the package and length of subscription. 

  • BuzzSumo 

While this tool is essentially used for influencers who are looking for organizations to partner with them, BuzzSumo allows startups or companies who are looking for more diversion with their target demographics. With this tool, you can monitor some of the top influencers. You can also sort it based on the field of expertise, and other affiliations. 

Many digital marketing firms also use BuzzSumo to improve their content marketing strategy. You can check out past trending topics and mentions across all digital platforms and Social Media channels. This should help you with topic ideas for both internal blogs and guest blog outreach. 

On top of that, it also has analytics features, which is good for tracking your target audiences. This allows you to make necessary changes with your marketing tactics.

Content specialists like using this tool because it allows them to see overview of their published articles from multiple platforms. They can see who is the source of the links, shares, and follower counts. 

The paid plans for BuzzSumo usually starts at $79 monthly subscription. 

  • Trello 

Looking for the best organizer for overall tasks and other important reminders? Trello could be your best option! Many small businesses today use Trello for brainstorming ideas and calendar notes. It allows users to collaborate by sharing or posting ideas in the Trello bulletin board. 

Primarily, it is used to for content planner. However, other departments can utilize Trello to leave notecards for marketing campaigns, special projects, and many more. 

Like other tools, Trello has a free trial version. The upgraded version can go up to $42 per month. 

These are just some of the basic online marketing tools you can use for your campaigns. Understand your business needs, and invest in the best tools and programs to make your team more productive and more efficient.