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qa engineer career

How to become a successful Quality Assurance Engineer?

For every IT or software project, quality is one of the essential requirements. Though you can enter through a number of ways into this profession, here are a few reasons why people like to enter in the field. They have
movie success prediction

How Data Analytics help movie success prediction

The world has transformed in ways previously unimaginable with the emergence of Big Data and Analytics. In a rapidly flourishing and emerging industry similar to the motion picture industry, new avenues came into existence with data analytics that is useful
digital marketing tools

Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts with these 5 Monitoring & Analysis Tools

Since social media has taken the whole world by storm, it has become incredibly necessary for businesses, especially startups to analyze what their competitors are doing online in order to get ahead of them on various social media platforms. If

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evolution of business intelligene

The Evolution of Business Intelligence

‘Business intelligence’ is a term that has been around for a very long time now. Originally coined back in 1865 by Richard Millar Devens in the Cyclopedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes; today it is so widely accepted a concept
e marketing and digital marketing

E-Marketing and Digital Marketing! Which is Better in 2019?

E-marketing and Digital marketing are generally thought as the same concepts which denote how businesses handle their online presence in terms of advertising and marketing. In fact, e-marketing is considered as a sub-part of the broader term digital marketing which