Anything, anytime, anywhere. This has become the basic mantra of every corporate. And, it can be fulfilled by only one thing, i.e., Internet because it touches every aspect of life very easily. However, the more it gets stretched, the more it gets exposed to risks. It means increment in the number of cyber attacks, which affect individuals as well as the corporate severely.

According to a survey, an increment of 36% has been found in cyber crimes in last two years. That’s why every organization is trying to improve its cyber security, but the prospect can sometimes become overwhelming. Not only stepped-up measures, even simple ways can keep your IT department safe in the upcoming years. Here are a few among them. But before that, let’s have a quick check through the statistics.


Cyber security attacks and threats are not going to end very soon. So, till date, if you haven’t taken any step towards it, then now is the time that you should. According to a latest study, it has been found that ransomware attacks got doubled from 13% to 27% from 2016 to 2017.

Another research has shown that might be by the end of 2020 ransomware is expected to attack most of the business around the globe and would damage approx $15 billion.

What Should You Do Now?

Cyber security is truly like a relationship of Tom and Jerry. You can call your business as Jerry and Tom as a cyber criminal. Both of them want to stay ahead of each other. However, in the case of cyber security, Jerry is not silly or stupid, rather he is patient and strategic. So, the question is that what should you do to win the battle?

improve cyber security

Here are a few easy and efficient ways:

  • Train Your Employees

Your staff accounts are the most sensitive part of the organization. Cyber criminals target them the most. So, it’s very important to train the staff very well in order to overcome or prevent such thefts. Employees are like the human firewall of your company, and training them is the easiest and best way to boost your security department. You should make them familiar with the techniques that hackers are using these days. Training them will surely help you improve your cyber security.

  • Enforce Password Law

Strong password is the very first step towards securing yourself from cyber attacks. Changing it regularly will almost keep you out of reach from hackers. But, it has been found that most of the employees of any organization don’t bother to change their passwords time-to-time. So, enforce password rule inside your office. Make password updates mandatory as well as teach how to generate a strong password.

  • Invest In Your Assets

Cyber criminals keep looking for various vulnerable default settings, such as loopholes in firewalls, routers, and switches. They do so to penetrate the defenses. Such flaws help them in gaining the access to the network, redirect the traffic to a particular network, and intercept the information. Make your external hardware configured very accurately and if they are more than 5 years old, then it’s time to replace them.

  • Back Up Your Data

Backing up your data is not directly linked to cyber security, but it can help you get back your data faster if any cyber theft has occurred. Keeping multiple store points and retaining back ups after every 14 days can prevent the risk of data loss.

  • Delete Expired Browser Certificates

Get rid of all the expired data and browser certificates. Enable your users and clients to receive notifications because it will restrict them from surfing the next thing that arrives inevitably on their screen. For that you need an effective management system which can manage such work.

  • Do Regular Meetings

If you’re a team member of security system of your corporation, then you must do regular meeting with other employees of your company. It will help your colleagues to know your concerns. You can make them aware about the security needs of the organization. Moreover, you can discuss and implement new and better strategies.

  • Implement VPN for All Connection

Network that are protected only by generic security measures are more likely to get infected by cyber attacks. Cyber criminals find them easier to target. Well for that, you can make use of virtual private networks(VPN). Implementing VPN connection between office locations and mobile employees, make the work easy. Make it mandatory.

  • Implement live Threat Detection

Now a days anti-virus software has become essential in every organization. Although anti-viruses are very much useful in catching cyber threats, sometimes they fail to catch all the threats. So, its better to consider behavioral based anti-virus. It makes use of  deep learning algorithms and modules, thus can detect and rectify the threats or malicious behaviors by collate them with regular process.

  • Remove Unused Services

There are number of applications and services which get exhausted after a certain period of time and employers remain unaware of it. This can help hackers a lot, as they act as loopholes for your system security. So, when such software or services expire, then delete that particular application and user credentials associated with it as well.

  • Conduct Security Assessments Regularly

Last, but not the least, conducting regular security assessment is useful. It ensures that all the flaws and loopholes within the organization are worked on or not. There are different types of security assessment that you can conduct inside your office environment, such as security gap assessment, perimeter edge assessment, penetration testing, and many more.

With the advancement in the technology, cyber threats will keep increasing with the passage of time. So, it’s very necessary to keep your security system protected. Implementing these 10 steps will surely help you become proactive and safe from cyber hackers.


Internet is the most important tool to make your employees work anytime & anywhere, though at the same time it is very necessary to ensure that your connections are secure.

Author Bio: Mira smith is an academic writer at Global Assignment Help. She is very passionate for writing and loves to provide assignment help services to students around the globe. In free time, she loves reading novels and cooking.