Salesforce has been growing in scale every passing day ever since it was launched. The growth and introduction of newer technologies have also led to an increase in opportunities which lie with cloud computing professionals. With already over 150,000 Salesforce client organizations worldwide this pool is growing at unexpected rates. Thus, it is clear that the domain is rapidly expanding across multiple applications ranging from Customer Relationship Management to Mobile Marketing and there is definitely going to be an increase in demand for professionals who are capable and are well qualified for cloud computing.

Significance of Salesforce

  • Salesforce suite of Enterprise Sales and CRM is considered as the most effectual and innovative adaptations of the time.
  • Most Fortune 500 companies are preferring to hire individuals who are skilled in Salesforce as the latter has changed the dynamics of Customer Relationship Management across the world.
  • Salesforce has been voted as the most innovative company by Forbes consecutively for four years.
  • Many known international organizations like Facebook, Twitter, HCL, Google, General Electric, etc. use Salesforce.
  • Salesforce certification can make you get better jobs with better packages.

How can Salesforce boost your Career?

If you are looking for a career in Salesforce, merely getting experience is no more enough and you will have to go in for proper Salesforce Certifications. Latter will add more substance to your experience. It can help boost your career in many ways:

  • Certifications add more authenticity to your knowledge and experience. The certifications have a high standard, and therefore anyone who gets through it is considered as an expert in the field.
  • There is an increasing demand for professionals who are certified in Salesforce as they are also able to attract better pay packages.
  • Organizations who have employed a certified workforce can win more and better clients as it adds a pinch of assurance that they can expect quality work.

How will Certifications be Helpful?

Knowledge: A proper career in Salesforce usually only follows the path of certifications. Certification is evidence that you have gained enough knowledge about the platform. It is the knowledge which helps you in proper analysis of customer and sales insights. They also open your avenues to learn about more tools and techniques.

Practical Experience: Certifications will also require you to get more practical knowledge about the platform as you can work on many live projects which are of great significance to your knowledge and relevant to the needs of the industry. Training will thus involve at least 20 hours of practice in the lab and also around 12 hours of live projects. This normally leaves you with unmatched knowledge.

Analytical Skills: A proper Salesforce certification helps you gain better knowledge about the industry trends which will, in turn, boost your confidence while you make a decision.

Career Growth: Salesforce tops the CRM software of the world. It is there to create many job opportunities as it is continuously evolving to imbibe more technologies. Many surveys have suggested that a Salesforce certification can give a special boost to your career as it is placed among the top ten digital skills of 2019. There is a huge scope for growth as it is predicted that nearly 360,000 more jobs will be created by it by 2020 mostly in the field of business analysis.

Choice of Fields: Salesforce also offers you a choice of fields between the Administrator and the Developer Track. If you opt for an administrator track, you will have to handle many responsibilities which are possible only if you have depth knowledge about the business and its functionalities. As an administrator, you will work as a functional expert and will work with various customers of your organization.

There are many basic certifications which ultimately fall in this category like Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, etc.  On the other hand, people who opt for the developer track are the ones who already have prior experience in developing apps and also handling languages like PHP, C++, JAVA, etc. Salesforce also presents many options by which you can progress your career on the same lines. Many certifications fall under this category like Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, etc.

Salesforce interestingly has established its university under which it gives various certifications and even conducts the examinations. You need to keep in mind that the certifications are so designed that they are considered hard by the average person and one has to study hard for the same. You will need to take up detailed research, trailhead training videos and also spare time for revisions. Even the base level certifications are considered hard. The best part is that there is a shortage of resources and material. There is a specific cost of every examination around $200 which you will have to pay for every re-attempt.


Salesforce has thus emerged as the leader of Customer Relationship Management in the world. It is growing at a tremendous pace and is sure to add many more jobs in the future. It is a common observation that there is an increased demand for Salesforce certified professionals as these individuals are valued for their knowledge, experience, analytical skills, and highly efficient planning. The market share of Salesforce was seen higher than all the other CRM firms put together. Thus, with the above statistics, it is highly beneficial to invest your time and energies in Salesforce for assured career success in the coming times.